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KK 3bet pot OOP, bet turn???

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  • KK 3bet pot OOP, bet turn???

    This is zoom and villain is unknown. Is the range i assume for him plausible? I think he would shove AA,KK preflop. Also, if i don't put AK,AQ in his flop calling range, my equity does not change much. Board:           Equity      Win      Tie Hero   56.73%  55.19%   1.54% { } Villain  43.27%  41.72%   1.54% { QQ-TT, ATs+, KQs, ATo+, KQo } So, do you think check-calling small bet or check-folding to a shove would be better on the turn? Or should i bet bigger on the flop and shove every turn? Thanks!
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    When you potted the turn i think only better hands can call such a big bet,I think only straights and flopped boats/boats made on the turn can call.


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      Yeah, that is true vs someone who does not call a 3bet with QTo LOL.
      I really think fish will often call with AQ and sometimes with straight draws. Not that i like my play, just saying...
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        I think checking/shoving on flop versus agrresive villains would be better. On the turn I think you can't really fold because you have commited yourself so even if you check you have to call a shove almost everytime


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          Pot commited? so how much of your stack do you consider pot commited on the flop? Would you stack off regardless of whats draws made it on the turn whether it was a paired boarded flushed and straight you would get it in with kings just because you got $1.50 in the pot and $3.50 left?

          I guess im under valuing my over pair hands massively.


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            Hi revos,

            I think shoving this turn can never be good readless... like Mike said, worse hands won't call us. Maybe AQ if he peeled the flop light, but even that might fold to a pot sized all in on the turn. AK won't fold, nor will boats or AT. I think we should check here and fold to a big bet. It's always possible we are checking AK JJ/QQ our self so if he's got AQ I doubt he's shoving all in when we check. With reads or info we might do things very differently but readless, this is probably best.
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              I agree with Dave (as always!). I just wanted to add that the flop was pretty ugly for KK in a 3-bet multiway pot, but the turn card is disgusting. Hands like QQ, JJ and TT show up very often in 3-bet pots, and even AK got there on the turn. You picked up an OESD, but you're crushed by everything but KQ and AQ, and the latter often doesn't make it past the flop. I'm usually happy to get pot-committed and stack off an overpair in a 3-bet pot, but I'm check-folding my overpair here. It's just not winning often enough.
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