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  • Positional stats

    Does my stats for the sb look bad? I thought your losses for the sb should be half of the BB?

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    Here is my blinds stats on today as you can see my sb is not any where near as bad as my overall stats in SB, my blinds stats have got worse because for the last 20k odd hands where i was breaking even was where i was mixing up my play abit where i was 3 betting and what not in sb.

    Still though i think those SB numbers looks bad overall.

    Ive also noticed my cut off stats look really good in comparison to my button stats, i think i might be stealing to wide il have to check those steal stats out.
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      Am i losing to much money here? I made $100 lost lost $70 and made $30 profit


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        The pre-flop VPIP/PFR numbers don't look too bad, although 15/10 overall is too nitty for 6-max, in my opinion. Those are the sort of numbers I have for full ring, and I'm not exactly a LAG.

        At least you are showing decent positional awareness. Your SB losses are quite surprising, but it's hard to tell why they are so "bad" just from these stats. You might be c-betting too often into BB that is never folding a pocket pair on the flop, or conversely, you might not be c-betting and barrelling often enough.
        FWIW, both me and Roland GTX actually made a profit in the SB position over our relatively small sample sizes of 2NL 6-max. The screengrabs don't show how often you 3-bet, but the the blinds are the positions which I 3-bet most often, and that has a big impact on my bottom line.

        A couple of other noteworthy stats are your relatively low AF and high W$SD and WSD. While it's great that you've showing down the best hand 55% of the time, I think you're probably missing some value by not betting the river for value often enough.

        The second screengrab is fairly meaningless. The sample size is too small for you to question why your winrate in the CO is higher than on the button. I once went 50,000 hands with that strange quirk of variance. :/

        I'm not even sure what the third image is all about. I don't know of anything similar in HEM (my own tracker), so perhaps you can explain what that report is all about and how it is supposed to be useful?
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          Yeah i have no idea why my wtsd is so high but every time i get there i win most small pots half my losses are big pots i got rivered on as for my aggression well ive had a mad run of cards today my cbet has been really low like 30% low and ive not barreled much.

          Ive just been winning a ton of small pots and my kings have done well but like you might have seen in my KK hand i dont like stacking when im deep with just an over pair .

          As for that 3rd image that was based on the hands ive played today i won $100 lost $70 and made a $30 profit i was just wondering is that average or have i spewed some of my winnings?

          Overall today i was card dead except for my KK dominated i made 66c with AA i got dealt 15 times my AK/AQ making losses, which is probably why my cbet/af are so low, so im not to worried about those stats but as for my SB stats im not sure if i am playing them properly now or if i was playing them extremely badly before, all i know is i need to sort out big pair hands and the sb stats i think the BB looks fairly decent not sure though.
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            Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
            Ive just been winning a ton of small pots and my kings have done well but like you might have seen in my KK hand i dont like stacking when im deep with just an over pair.
            Don't you like money? KK on a on a 7-high board is a big hand. Big hand => Big pot.

            Your WTSD is likely so high because you're missing whole streets of value. You're checking when you should be betting. Villains are seeing showdowns, because you're not being aggressive enough with your made hands.
            Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
            As for that 3rd image that was based on the hands ive played today i won $100 lost $70 and made a $30 profit i was just wondering is that average or have i spewed some of my winnings?
            I don't have a report like that in HEM and I don't see how it is in any way useful. Provided your net result is positive, it doesn't matter how much you had to wager. If you win $100 for every $70 you lose, you're making money.
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              can you tell me the name of this program please??
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                Mike uses PokerTracker4.
                I use Holdem Manager 2.

                More info in the Software/hardware forum or by hitting your favourite search engine.
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                  cheers matey .
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                    I do like winning money yes lol but i like to know im ahead before i start getting it in the only time my aggro goes sky high is with strong draws i havent hit yet but i do have trouble with big pair hands, i think i should keep to that line where you bet bet and fold raises but every time ive done that im pot commited and they flip over a set.

                    The other spots i dont like is where i flop a set villain donks half pot with a flush draw i raise then flush hits the turn and villain checks i bet again he calls and bets small on the river, i end up calling knowing this is the sort of player that bets peanutz with there made hands and he flips over a flush.

                    So then i question should i check the flush but then i know theres a load of even bad players at 2nl that are capable of bluffing when the flush hits after showing weaknesss when it does.

                    Here is an example of a hand where i make a small pot i bet 55% of pot on each street and checked the river.

                    There was more value to be made but this guy obviously was a station and might of just floated the flop with K2o.

                    Here a tight player opens for 4x preflop i expect him to have a real hand here at zoom he would min raise his steals he cbets the flop for near enough pot i raise 3x and he calls and then i bet half pot on the turn when he checks, do you think i was to aggro here?

                    Those raises and bets are only ever getting called by two pair and AQ KK AA, i expect this player to fold weak Q kickers and the only other hand he might call with is if he just turned a nut flush draw or straight draw.

                    I might post some big pair hands today were see if i run good , if not il just watch some of daves vids on big pairs.
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                      Here is my 3bet stats from yesterday and steal stats the last collumn was my steal success of 42.26, is that good? whats the lowest your steal success can be to be making money?

                      Cant seem to get all my hands on this pic im sure it will just be lower than these stats though because i had no idea about 3 bet and steals for the most of those hands.


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                        With the QQ on 938K, the line should be bet-check-bet. The king on the turn either improved villain's hand or scared him, so you can take a pot-control line there, in order to get value on the river. Think about that turn card. You don't really want to bet it, because worse hands aren't usually calling, but if you check, then worse hands will call the river. If the turn is not a scare card, like with your KK on 6xx7 or whatever it was, then you should bet it.
                        When you flop a set and the turn is a flushy scare card, you can check behind there too. If worse hands are unlikely to call, then don't bet.
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                          3-bet pre-flop of about 3.5% is OK. This sample size is really small though. You might have had QQ+/AK more often than 3% of the time.

                          Your steal success rate is 46% is fine. I'm surprised it's not higher, actually, since this is zoom and you are pretty tight overall. If I was in the blinds and knew your overall stats, I'd be giving your raises more credit. I think you can be stealing much more often. I'm stealing in SB vs BB more than 40% of the time. :/

                          Theoretically you could make money if you never stole light, and played the same 17% range in every position, but you're leaving money on the table by not stealing from the nits. I mean, you're folding to steals 87% of the time, and so are many other players. I would be raising your BB about 90% of the time (almost ATC), because you're giving your blinds away. I'm not saying that you should defend much more widely - I fold to steals about 82% of the time myself - but other players will be folding to steals this often too. If you open for 3bb in SB vs BB, you will show an immediate profit if villain folds 62.5% of the time. If he is folding much more often than that (most are) then you can literally steal 100% of the time.
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                            Ok cool il try stealing abit more but i dont like opening like JTo in the cut off it seems spewy to me because it never hits very often, my 3 bet range gets wider depending on how loose the player is i might 3bet a really loose player utg with tens but i wouldnt even do that with QQ with a nit so my 3bet varies.

                            I tryed opening a wider range today actually i ran 19% vpip never hit the board though what so ever so i dont know if i can profitably run that range i tried i guess il see another day.



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