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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game QQ

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game QQ

    Hi, Please could you analyze my hand below. Cheers, pullin1988

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    Only different thing I would do there would be to shove river since it wouldnt make a lot of difference into the pot size but would seem as a nuts or nothing spot and might be hero called more often


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      Check-call the turn. The problem with betting is that if villain has a flush, he can raise you off your hand and deny you the right price to call and see if you can hit your 7-outer. Villain is more likely to have Ax, however, and that's not folding to a turn bet, so you're just charging yourself money to hit the draw. If you check the turn, villain might check behind, giving you a free card.
      QQ on an Axx board is a hand with marginal showdown value, so you should try and get to showdown as cheaply as possible, by checking at least one street. If you happen to spike the river, you can always bet for value there.
      As played, shoving the river is correct. Villain has less than a pot-sized bet behind, so put him all in. It's not as if he'll call 20c but fold to 56c. He's either calling or folding whatever size you choose, so go for the most.
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