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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game KK

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game KK

    Hi, Could you please analyze the hand below. Wondering if the bet sizing is ok, and also whether I should have checked the turn. Cheers, pullin1988

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    You played it decent, you can't really check turn because on the flop he doesn't call only with AQ A8 or Axss, but with a wide range which includes JT QK QJ QT and a random flush draw, so if you check you are giving him a free card to catch his draws.
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      I'd bet more on the flop (about 22c into 25c) for value, because this is a fairly wet board that connects pretty well with a limper's range. Since he limp-called pre-flop, villain is likely a calling station, so take him to Valuetown... until the horrible turn card.
      The turn is a clear check behind. I'm not particularly worried that villain has an ace, but think about how this card affects villain. If if didn't improve his hand, then it scares him. If he has Qx or something like 99, he hates this card and will fold to a bet. Your fold equity shoots right up, but with KK you don't want worse hands like Qx to fold. Checking behind says "I don't have the ace", but that's fine, because villain will then think his Qx is good. He will lead the river and you can make a value-call. If he happens to have an ace after all, you lose the minimum.
      To some extent charging draws is over-rated, at least when you have a marginal hand. Pot-controlling in position and getting to showdown with marginal hands is arguably more important. (KK on an ace-high board is a marginal hand with some showdown value. It's not a hand you want to put money in the pot with on all three streets). If the river happens to be a spade and villain bombs it, you can make an easy fold, and you'd lose the absolute minimum, if you'd checked the turn. (Money saved is as good as money won).

      Hope this helps.
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