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  • Kk 5nl

    How did i play this hand? villain 22/16/6 I dont expect this player to pay me off with junk but i think he will call a cbet with AK and over pairs so im cbetting 100% of the time with KK here. Then comes the turn obviously i could bet again and get value from hands above i doubt he has aces or two pair but as always at zoom i can expect to run into sets quite often. He never bet the turn so i decided to bet the river if he went all in can i call here? I dont ever expect anyone to raise my bets with even AJ here so im gonna fold the fold alot unless i think there bet sizing dont look right or i induced a bluff by checking the turn, which is why i dont like checking the turn. So with my hand here whats the best profitable line?

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    You played it decent, but I think betting turn and shoving river is defintely more profitable, as played if he shoves on river you have to call almost every time


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      I don't like the check on the turn since most of his range is worse pocket pairs and possibly even straight draws and you want to get value from them. I think you should be prepared to commit with this hand on the river. Checking the turn and betting the river makes no sense, because what would he call the turn with that he won't call with on the river on this type of board? It's one of those "if he has a set, he has a set" type of situations, but I think checking it down is leaving value on the table.

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        Yeah i dont like checking the turn but if i bet and get raised im not gonna be to confident about my hand and im gonna have a tough decision on the river, so i checked for pot control because im out of position and when he never bet the turn i was pretty sure he never had a set as he would bet it because i might have a straight draw for all he new so if i were him i would bet for value and protection.

        Then comes the river and i know with the range i gave him i could still get some value which was why i bet, ive got to work on my big pairs i find them really hard to play even if i know im well ahead most of the time, theres a load of players at zoom that get tricky with sets i myself do it and lead people into traps which is probably why im worried about sets all the time lol.

        I think in position my line would be bet bet bet and if im deep i might fold a big river raise knowing im beat, like i said would you stack off if he put you all in on the river, imo when that J hit if he did raise that river i doubt hes ever doing it with a J or Q it almost always gonna be a better hand than my KK? which is why i would fold, obviously my check on the turn induces bluffs and ir was probably why he called with tens on that river because he just couldnt put me on a hand.


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          It's a raised pot multiway, with an SPR of 4.2. You should be pot-committed on the flop, and your line should be bet-bet-shove. There is no scope for pot controlling when the pot is so big and the stacks behind are short.

          You're missing a ton of value by checking the turn. Villain's most likely hand for calling the flop is an overpair. On the 7 turn, you can get FAT value from QQ-88, which is 30 combos. You're only losing to 12 combos that made a set, and it's sometimes possible to get away if that's what villain has. Basically, when OOP, you should utilize the bet-fold play. Bet for value, but consider folding if you get raised.
          Checking under-reps your hand, so you're more likely to get looked up light on the river, but at 5NL, I think a hand like TT is calling on all three streets anyway, partly because villain will be similarly pot-committed after calling on the flop.
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