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  • 2NL ZOOM. QJo

    Villain 2 unknown, villain 7 vpip=0 over 13 hands. I think it was fine to call preflop and OTF. Should I fold OTT? The bet was rather small and I thought then he could probably do it with worse, when I look at it now I doubt he would bet 99-JJ 2 streets 3 way, maybe AKs that picked up a FD. OTR I thought there are no worse hands he could make such a big bet with. Thanks.

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    Imo its a fold pre, especially against an unknown. Otherwise we run the risk of being in a tricky spot like we are. He could easily have KQ or AQ and if he is decent FR player he will never have QT or worse. This is just my opinion though, and it should be noted I dont play full ring, so you may want to wait for others input.

    edit - tho to be fair he is in a later position. I still say 3b or fold tho, and folding vs unknown is my preferred option.
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      agree with pedro. Just want to add that we have to small pieces of information on the villain:

      Firstly he does not play full stacked, which means he is more likely to be a weaker player which should make us a bit more willingly to play such a "trouble hand" like QJo in position.

      Secondly its the first hand he plays in thirteen hands he was dealt, which makes it a bit more likely that he is not the very loose kind of weaker player. This should make us more unwillingly to play our hand here.

      So long story short, just fold and move on to the next hand. I would rather play a hand like 87s in position here than QJo, since you are not dominated by better kickers that often and you would have flush potential.


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        This a fold pre against an unknown, but especially against a nit. I'd sometimes call with QJs if there's a loose passive in the blinds that will add to the implied odds if I flop a monster, but the offsuit QJ is a trouble hand. It's crushed by KQ/AQ/QQ+ which are all in the nit's range. As I'm fond of saying in the Bankroll builder threads and my blog, you want to win a small pot with hands like QJ/KJ/AT, because if the pot gets big and you don't have the nuts, you're always losing. Top pair, marginal kicker just isn't a hand you should be putting money in the pot with on more than one street.
        With his second barrel, villain is trying to take you to Valuetown. I'd be folding the turn here, because the nit has me beat, but it's best to not get into this situation in the first place. Call pre with hands that have implied odds (pairs and suited connectors), not hands with reverse implied odds (offsuit Broadways).
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