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5NL 6-max 92o

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  • 5NL 6-max 92o

    Hi, SB was playing 24/18/0 w/ AF=4 on 35 hands. And the other villain is playing 42/6/7 and AF=2.4 over 73 hands. Any thoughts on the hand ? Should I've 4B the turn ? or called the strong river overbet ? which for me seemed like a slowplayed set

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    Yeah the way the flop and turn goes it looks like a slowplayed flopped set or even a turned one, which would make more sense as he may not want to raise 22 in the sb pre and instead go set mining on the cheap. The fact he reraises you on the turn makes me think the river was a good fold umbup:. I wouldnt 4b the turn, your hand is good but no lock.
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      I agree with Pedro.

      He had 22 imo, no other hand makes sense. You can probably fold the turn when he 3bets you tbh but that takes a really sharp read and it's sometime hard to make decisions like that in game.

      As played the river is a fold, his bet screams at least 2 pair (even though I'm pretty sure he had deuces) and we beat none of his 2 pair combos since he's not limping 82 or 72.

      Btw I think there is room to bet the flop 10c as 7x and some straight draws will call.
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        Hi fp,

        I think his turn bet/3b click back line looks super strong, I would not at all be surprised to see 22, 77, 99, or Q9 here. I think we should just fold directly to that action tbh as our 2 pair doesn't rate to be good very often here and we can't call a reasonable river bet unimproved anyway... so we're just calling the 3b hoping we fill up (which may not even be good) or that he's making some weird move and gives up. If he's making a weird move he's probably not giving up anyway, so just fold imo.

        Definitely fold to this river overbet, it looks a lot like trying to make up for missed value earlier in the hand.
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