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5NL 6-Max Zoom: JJ in sb

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  • 5NL 6-Max Zoom: JJ in sb

    In this Zoom hand I had 30 to 100 hands on all players. None were regs. The raiser was 24/20, the caller was 18/11 and the btn was 64/9 with 82% fold to c-bet over 42 hands!? Typically I would just call and hope to flop a set in a multiway pot like this. Here though, I hoped a solid 3-bet would build the pot and isolate the super fishy btn. The risk was that the ep raiser would 4-bet or call creating a bloated pot and tough situation for me. My plan worked, but does this seem like an unnecessary preflop risk. Also, knowing the fish is fit or fold on the flop. Would you consider checking the flop then betting the turn? This might win another bet from him, but with so many overcard threats, I didn't want to give him a free card. Thanks! Roland GTX

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    Hi Greg,

    I think your plan to isolate the fish is the best action to take. Flopping a set occurs rarely, whereas flopping an overpair occurs often. Yes you may get 4 bet, or called and take the flop MW some of the time but I think the most likely outcome is that you end up HU vs the fish.

    Once you see a flop I like cbetting for value. Spade draws and worse one pairs hands, 9x and PP's will call a bet here. I would make it smaller however, probably around 90c-$1 we don't want to scare off the worse hands and with a half pot bet we still offer draws a bad price.

    nh, wp.
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      Hi Greg,

      I think there's good value in isolating the button here, and I like the big 3b sizing to both accomplish the isolation and extract value from the button's big mistake of calling way too loose preflop. If you just call pre, you're not exploiting the big fish at the table and are reducing your hand to be largely a set mining proposition going to the flop 4 handed... isolating exploits the button and makes your JJ's much stronger post flop... like on a T high flop this guy is probably paying you all the way with KT and you can comfortably extract value (probably stack value now in the inflated pot) without having to fade the other players making some hand.

      As fit or fold as he seems to be playing, c-betting is good imo. He's already made his favorite mistake, if he didn't fit and he folds that's fine, we don't give random Ax and Kx holdings a chance to draw out on us for free, or gutters like T8 or 76. When he doesn't fold we still have some value... he may call once with a 9 but will just check that down unimproved most likely... and same for a Q. He also won't semi-bluff draws in all likelihood so if he does raise or take a big aggressive action we can easily fold here.
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