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  • Set 4's 2NL NLHE CASH

    Sometimes I think I miss MAX Value V2 21/14/50 V3 23/16/68 V5 38/18/30 V8 17/10/57 V9 21/17/64 My thinking here is standard "No Set No Bet2 and if re-raised Pre Flop then fold. Its Checked to me and I bet 3Qtr and all Fold In spots like this I feel I'm losing value If I don't bet I feel I let another player hit a higher Set or give a free card to hit straight. From the V3 & V5 I was hoping for a hand Like AQ would re-raise me so I could Shove for value. I'm Multi Tabling so my play is straight - Hit set = bet Did I miss value or is my play correct ?

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    Your play is absolutely standard and correct here. You went set-mining for a bargain price (goota love those EP minraises!) and the pot went multiway, so you're much more likely to get action when you hit your 2-outer.
    This is one of the driest flops imaginable, but you can usually get called here. 3/4 pot is fine. I'd sometimes go even bigger (like 22c into 25c) if there are stations to my left, and especially if the board is a bit wetter.
    It sucks when no one has anything. You're usually getting called for one bet by hands like 99/88, and certainly Qx. Slowplaying is definitely not a good option, as it misses a whole street of value, and will lead to you getting sucked out on much more often.

    Nice hand, just unlucky that no one gave you action.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
      goota love those EP minraises! Nice hand, just unlucky that no one gave you action.
      Thank you umbup:



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