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5NL 6-max Zoom AQo

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AQo

    Hi, the vilain is unkown. This is the same of the other hand I posted with AKo. Where I 3B OOP and c-bet the flop. What do I do on the turn ? Thanks umbup:

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    Just to say I'm not a Zoom player, aren't they all just waiting for AA,KK,QQ,JJ ?


    I Like the re-raise Pre Flop to take the hand down there but we get called.

    Flop I would bet 3Qtr of pot to stop AK, AQ, AJ, calling and I would be ready to fire again on the River. If your firing a Bullet on the Flop you got to be ready to Fire again on the Turn as most players will peel to see the Turn. (I will)
    He calls your bet so what is calling us ? Rule out AA,KK,QQ, AK . as Likely re-raise the Flop bet.
    Likely JJ,10,99 Calling us Down

    Checking the Turn lets him see free cards and checking the River gives Green light that he can put you on AK or AQ So if he is holding JJ or 10 then he has Two Pair now for showdown Or he just out played you with your own hand AQ. AK would of pushed Pre Flop

    At least with getting the money in on the Flop & Turn with 3Qtr bets gets value if we hit our Q
    Aggression Pays, if we get called Flop, Turn and miss the River well thats poker move on to the next hand


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      3-betting pre is fine. Villain's range for calling is usually most pairs 66+ and some decent suited cards like KQs, as stacks are quite deep and he has position.
      C-betting the flop is standard (I think most regs will c-bet close to 100% of the time in heads up 3-bet pots). The c-bet size is fine. In 3-bet pots, 50-55% of pot is OK whether you have a hand or not, as you'll still be able to get stacks in with TP/overpair.
      Villain is unlikely to peel one off with 2 random overs unless he's a loose passive station. His most likely hand for calling the flop is a medium pair. Since the turn is not a scary card to anything that called on the flop (and may have even improved villain to a set or OESD), my plan is to just give up. At 5NL, it's spewy to keep repping QQ+ on a board like this, because villain won't be good enough to fold TT. Just check, and fold to any bet if you don't spike a pair.
      Bracelet Winner


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        I'd be triple barreling low boards like this, but when the board pairs on the river it's hard to get medium pps to fold.

        So i'd probably double barrel and give up river. We actually have a little showdown value if he has missed draws, so we could win that way too.



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