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Good Lay Down or Weak play with JJ

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  • Good Lay Down or Weak play with JJ

    Villain stats 107 Hands 11/9/27 Not sure if I made a good lay down or just played the Jacks to weak ?

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    Nor sure why I'm Villain but first try at adding a hand via re player

    Game is 2NL NLHE


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      His stats are strong – so when he limped his range should be pairs + suited draws. He is quite aggressive too.

      Most likely scenario was set of 888 (with diamond). He got scared of flush a bit and only betted small. Another scenario would have been weirdly played flush. People with that tight range usually don’t bluff at least when the board is so scary.

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        Hi dodgy,

        This villain is pretty tight/nitty and probably somewhat bad (playing an odd non-full stack), so when he cold calls our UTG raise I would expect his range to be heavy in pocket pairs and big aces. The flop raise rules out the big aces, as he would fold those unless he had the flush draw and probably just call with the draw. (Plus the nut flush draw is ruled out completely by this turn card). So his likely flop raising range is sets and overpairs. Of this range we are only beating 99 and TT, so I think we should fold directly to the flop raise tbh without reads that he makes weird aggro moves with air once he sees a flop.

        Turn bet is sized really small, a fear indicator. It can be 99/TT/QQ/KK not liking the ace, or a set (irrationally) not liking the diamond. I think calling here is good. We have the right price now to draw out on sets, and the non-sets will probably not bet the river so we should still win against 99/TT when he has that.

        We miss the river, TT improves over us, and he does bet. Good fold imo.
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          Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
          Good fold imo.
          Thank you & its great for the Feedback I attend two Live Home Games monthly but no one really talks about hands as we are all trying to take each others cash lol So happy I found a nice friendly forum to discuss hands umbup:



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