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2NL zoom QQ vs LP on very wet board

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  • 2NL zoom QQ vs LP on very wet board

    So my plan on the turn was fold the river if villain donks for anything around/over 50% of the pot, which he never so by rights with my plan i should of bet the river but i diddnt does anyone think i missed value? I was thinking the only way im getting a call on the turn was idf there drawing or beating me except for a few hands i beat so i could see me getting a call if i bet the river? My min raise pre was a mis click
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    Most likely he would have raised you with strong flush in some point (Dave says so). Also your min raise for sure made his decision making really hard. You either had AA,KK, Axsmall or suited connectors. This probably is not even thin value situation. He could have called you with decent A time to time, given how 2NL plays.

    So I think you should B-B-B until he says otherwise. General rule to 2N it seems with good hand.

    Disclaimer: I suck.
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      I think your plan to fold to a large river bet is fine, as villain is usually only making that play with a slowplayed flush. When he checks the river, I definitely think you need to be for value, as Ax is always calling. After all, this player has been passive throughout the hand. You bet pretty big on the turn and got called, and the river changed nothing, so bet big again! (You can fold if villain check-raises all in on the river, but this will happen so infrequently that it's really not worth worrying about).
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        Ok cool il keep that in mind Arty



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