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  • 10NL zoom top 2

    Hi PSO, Played this hand few days ago against an unknown. Question is about the post-flop action as villain seems still interested in the pot. He called my c-bet OTF and even turn bet. I think continue leading out OTT was fairly standard not? But now the river.. I could get value from Ax type of hands like AT-AQ maybe even Ax suited hands or flopped A6s especially. The hands I lose are 66-77 and A7 Should I just check-call river? was my bet and calling the river raise an big error? Before the river range I still was sure he could play hands like: 66,A6s+,ATo+ Thanks Ferdy
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    lets go street for street.

    OTF I would bet a little bigger like 55c since you mainly target his worse Aces and you want to get max value from thoose.

    Turn is fine maybe slightly bigger bet is better.

    River bet is fine as well I would bet 2.80 for the same reasons.

    After his raise, imo you should fold if you dont have a read on the villain. Even though his value range is super narrow, 66 and maybe some loose preflop call with A7s. He really should not value raise with worse after your line and a bluff is very unlikely considering your line amd your UTG open raise and the board. Kind of sucks to lay down top two here and I am not sure if I always could do it in the heat of battle. The bigger betsize on earlier street would make the decision to fold to a raise here easier as well, since the raise from the opponent would look even stronger.


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      I'm going to agree with almigthybald here, your value bets could have been bigger since worse As could continue at least 2 streets a lot of the time given the board texture. I also agree with taking a b/f line OTR.

      Worse made hands would just call and generally villains wont be making a river raise as a bluff like that when you showed such strength throughout the hand. Without any reads I don't think that they're any bluffs in the villains range and I'm pretty much expecting villain to show up with the best of it here the majority of the time.


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        Hi ferd,

        I agree with the other posters as well. Definitely bet the river, and bet it bigger imo... those A-x hands we are primarily getting our value from, were perhaps worried about their kicker... but their kicker just improved to a king, so they should be more inclined to pay off the bigger value bet.

        Also agree that river is probably a fold to the raise. We have a pretty nice price, only have to be right 22% of the time to break even on the call. Agree with the assessment that all legit raising value hands are beating us. Also agree that the likelihood of a bluff is very low given our line. It's not zero as players (especially bad ones) do things that make no sense all the time, but it would be a pretty horrible bluff that I think even most bad players would recognize is terrible, so it's probably close to zero. So basically for us to be good he has to be raising enough Ax hands because he's improved his kicker and doesn't understand relative hand strength maybe 20%+ of the time. It's not really likely it's happening this often, so fold is better than call imo. I think we'll get shown 66, a slow played KK, or 7s6s. It's a very narrow range he's repping, but nothing else makes any sense. If he does turn over some weird nonsensical hand then be sure to make a note for future reference.
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          Thanks guys, So it feels my river bet was still fine for value, but my call of the raise not. I indeed did feel his min raise might have my hand always crushed. Something I really did not think about, thanks Dave I made a note of it umbup:
          Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
          those A-x hands we are primarily getting our value from, were perhaps worried about their kicker... but their kicker just improved to a king, so they should be more inclined to pay off the bigger value bet.
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