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2NL Zoom - folding KK

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  • 2NL Zoom - folding KK

    I'm not entirely happy with this hand. I know I have a problem finding the fold button at times, but conflicted on my decision. I suspect villain may have AsX, perhaps even AKs? I'm not all that good at ranging... I guess he could have A5o even... I bet pot on the flop thinking I have the best hand. Then I gradually slow down every street. Not sure that was smart... :/ If the turn isn't a spade, I'm potting there as well. I hated seeing that river spade. If one of my K's had been a spade, I think I'm happy to get my chips in. Not sure if I should be considering that I suspect he might have As... :/ Having re-read this before posting, I'm thinking that it's possible that he had a x5 and the spades saved me some chips? Help?
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    I think your flop and turn bet were fine. But I don't like the river bet, because the player has to be a fish to call you with worse. Every spade beats you. By taking this line you was absolutely wright to fold to the all in raise..
    My approach in this hand would be to check/fold the river.


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      This board got ugly pretty quickly. I like the pot-sized bet on the flop, because there's value to be gained from worse overpairs and flush draws. Villain calls, so you know he has something. The turn is a horrible card and I think I would check here. The Qs changes the board radically. Hands like 88 that called on the flop will hate this card, so are unlikely to call another bet, but flush draws obviously love it. If villain happened to have flopped a boat with 33, then it's also a great card. In short, it's hard to get called by worse if you bet the turn, so I'd exercise some pot control. I think I'd check-call a bet of half pot, and check-fold to a larger bet. If the turn goes check-check, then you can bet-fold blank rivers, because the bet-check-bet line under-reps your hand, so you could get looked up by worse pairs. By going for three streets of value, there are no worse hands still in villain's range on the river.
      As played, betting the river is suicidal. No worse hands are ever calling a bet here; only boats and flushes, so check-fold is the only option.
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        I agree with most of what was said above.

        Its 2NL though - I wouldnt have been totally shocked if he proudly tabled pocket 2's thinking he had the best hand.


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          I think you'd need a massive read to consider calling the River shove here and even then you hate it with any random spade destroying you. I'd lead the turn with the idea of folding to a raise or re assesing the River if called and on this River I'm done.
          Last edited by RobinQQQ; Wed Jun 19, 2013, 09:07 PM.


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            Thanks Arty and Co. for the feedback.

            I see what you are seeing and totally agree with it now that I can see it. I need to start thinking a lot more about what I'm doing, what line I'm taking and why the villains are doing what they are. The bet on the turn was confused and I agree with Arty that the bet on the river was insane (stemming from more confusion).

            It's easy to see in retrospect when pointed out to me. Now if only I could get in guys in my head while I'm playing so I can see it then. More work is required...

            Thanks again!
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