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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game AJs

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game AJs

    Hi, Could you please analyse my hand.Hoping that soon or later you guys start saying that it looks ok. Cheers, pullin1988

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    Does not look OK just yet in my opinion

    I like the pre-flop play. You isolate the limper with a value raise.

    Flop villain donks out for min-bet. That move is done very often by inexperienced players who have a weak hand, such as middle or bottom pair. Definitely want to raise here for value. Watch out for a re-raise though that will often be bad news for your TPTK.

    Turn, betting again after raising the flop would be better. You get more value out of worse hands and don't give villain free-cards to improve and beat you. I wouldn't be super concerned about a possible flush. Most players that limp pre-flop like that often play flush draws like they are the nuts on the flop. Again though, if you get raised you should be very concerned (and probably fold).

    River, checking back is fine. Villain likely has something and not only did the flush draw hit the turn, but now some straight draws just hit and villain may have spiked a random K as well. I think value-betting river would be too thin here.


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      I don't think this is played too badly. The passive line, when you get donked into, is often the line with highest EV.
      When villain donks out small, he usually has a marginal one pair hand (like 88, T9) or a draw. Flatting allows him to keep betting with worse than TPTK, but I think there's a little scope for a small raise here. If you 3x it to 12c, villain is usually calling with his worse hands, so you get some value, and the hand is also easier to play when you seize the initiative. (You can also make an easy fold if villain 3-bets it, as he almost always has a set and was trying to sucker you in).
      Betting the turn is standard, and again the plan should be to fold to a raise. It's pretty much impossible to get called by worse on the river, so checking behind in position makes sense.

      If villain had bet closer to pot on the flop, then I much prefer just calling, as raising will usually mean you value-own yourself, as worse hands would fold to the flop raise, and you'll be getting action solely from monsters (i.e. sets).
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