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10 max NLHE Q8 flopped FH

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  • 10 max NLHE Q8 flopped FH

    I'm sure I've done this wrong - first time poster, sorry. As I rarely play this starting hand (Q8) and even more rarely flop a full house I would like to know what you guys think I did wrong or even right? I would say that I had lost a pot to this villain earlier where he cracked Aces and I was obviously looking to win back some of my cash, which is why I didn't go mad with the betting and tried to keep him keen. Other than that I didn't really pick up any info that I probably should have on him, I'm still a beginner and that kind of thing is still a bit beyond me.

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    Hi buY,

    First I would fold this hand preflop without reads. If the villain steals a lot from the button then we might sometimes resteal here but the default play is just to fold... Q8o doesn't provide much blocker value to real hands and it has bad post flop playability. Meaning, he can still have AA, KK, AK as much as possible, and with Q8 we never make a strong top pair hand, no strong draw, not much we can play with any confidence unless we hit 2 pair+.

    Obviously nice flop, I would consider leading into him or making a small check-raise to start building the pot now if he's got anything. Waiting til the turn has merit, but if the turn comes off a diamond, 9, T, or J and now we start getting aggressive, we look like we've made the flush or straight, it's scary to the villain.

    When you lead the turn, I would generally bet bigger than .20c into .72c... it's hard to believe the 5 helped us so the lead may be interpreted as a protection type bet with A8 or 99, that type of hand strength, not wanting him to take a free card... but .20c doesn't "protect" because it's too small relative to the pot. More like .45c would be good here imo.

    The river is just gross. He can't really hold KQ I don't think because that hand would raise our turn bet (also worried about all the draws). The only turn hands not worried about draws are full houses. When he overbet jams the river it sure screams full house to me. I think we have to call though with ours. We will see KK that got lucky, and 55/88 that got unlucky, which favors us to be ahead slightly. Add to that some % of fudge factor where he's out of line without a boat, and it's a call.
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      Flopped FH

      Thanks Dave,

      I would normally fold the Q8, the only reason I was in the hand was because its my BB. After that I'm sure I have the best hand all the way. Even when the K comes I obviously wasn't delighted with it and I was sure it hit him but only for a pair - the way I'd bet I was confident he didn't have me on a hand and assumed he thought his pair was good.

      I was relatively happy he got his chips in, for a couple of seconds anyway!



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