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5NL 6-max 55

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  • 5NL 6-max 55

    Hi, could I ever got away with this hand ? PF raiser is playing 16/15/5 over 7 hands. The BB is playing 28/11/0 on only 19 hands. I've also filtered my pocket pairs 22-77 for just calling with them on my tracker and it seems that on the blind I'm doing well on the blinds (80 bb/100); But I'm losing 160bb/100 on other positions. Any one have some thoughts on this leak ? maybe 3-betting some pocket pair when villain is raising on cutoff or MP, I don't know. Thanks umbup:

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    Ever getting away from a flopped set on a board like this, 100bb deep at 5NL 6-max? Absolutely not.

    While 66 is certainly in the SB's range, his flop donk bet can also be a flush draw, Jx, and 65s. Villains at this level will stack off on the flop with much worse than a set, so this is just a cooler, and I think you played it in the standard manner.

    As to your stats, you might not have a leak at all. Since you don't flop sets very often, your stats for small pairs can require a large sample size before trends can be discerned. If you use HEM2, there is a stat called "flopped set %" you can add to your Holecards report. If you find that with some pocket pairs you're flopping sets a lot less often than 11.7% of the time, it will be no surprise to find out you're not making money with them just yet.
    At 5NL set-mining should be very profitable in the long run. In the blinds facing a steal from a frequent stealer you might sometimes 3-bet light with small pairs, but in other seats, calling a raise as normal should work fine.
    If you have a leak with pairs, it might be that you're calling without the right implied odds (villain's stack isn't deep enough to go set-mining) or you're getting too attached to them post-flop and calling c-bets with your underpairs and then folding on the turn.
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      Never ever ever ever imo! Esp for 75bb eff (potentially indicating a fish who would happily stack off with a ton of flush draws, jacks etc)



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