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5NL FR: Rivered flush on paired board facing raise.

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  • 5NL FR: Rivered flush on paired board facing raise.

    Villain is playing 22/17/5 over 109 Hands, no specific reads as I'm playing too many tables, the agression factor seems relatively high but can't read too much into it since I haven't seen specific hands. The open's probably a little loose but 6 max is my normal game. Not much to say about the flop, flop TP, vbet. Turn gives me a flush draw and i decide to bet with what will probably amount to a semi-bluff if i'm called, the 10 in and of itself doesn't scare me particularly since i think he has basically no 10s in his flatting range (maaaaaybe a10s/J10s but it's pretty tough for him to have J10 based on combinatorics) so I'm assuming all qs and hearts are clean. I decided to bet because I didn't want to give up the betting lead, check call and then guess on the river if i miss. (This may well be terrible logic and i'm interested to hear what you think about the turn) I rivered what I thought was gin, making the 2nd nut flush and made a big bet. In hindsight i don't particularly like it because i think it's tough to get called by anything except an extremely curious AJ/KJ, and obviously something like 9-10, A10 etc (though it's tough to put me on a backdoor flush and he may be more inclined to play bluff catcher based on my line) . I think a bet of around 50-60% of the pot was probably more appropriate, but idk. When he raises here I just don't see any bluffs in his range (especially given my sizing) but He only really respresents 6s full, quads or 10s full in my eyes. I think he's just calling with any weaker flush (if he somehow had one, extremely unlikely) and a 10. Sorry this is a bit of a mess of thoughts, any comments very welcome. Moral of this story fold QJs EP in FR?
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    Hi AKB,

    Preflop open is too loose imo. I open it in 6-max too though.

    I think on the turn we should check tbh, you kind of note this saying if you bet and get called you're basically semibluffing... meaning you're acknowledging if we get called on this bet we're behind most of his range (really only ahead of KQ), but then again it's not a semi-bluff because there's no bluff component by definition (the call already happened). So what's really happening here is if we are ahead, he will almost certainly fold (except specifically KQ), and if we are behind, we are charging ourselves to draw. And he has a high AF so if we bet and he raises turn, we're in kind of a pickle as it's not such an easy fold now having turned the flush draw.

    If we check and call, we can realize this equity, and induce some bluffs from KQ and any floats. If he checks behind, we are probably ahead, but can now get a 2nd street of value from worse made hands that would have just folded to our turn bet.

    I agree that the raise is not a bluff in all likelihood. 66 and JT both of which slowplayed the flop planning to raise the turn, then slowplayed again when they filled, and KT which peeled the flop and improved, are most likely here.
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      Thanks Dave, I was unsure of the turn play at the time. I think check/calling would have been the better play too.



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