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Bad days/downswings

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  • Bad days/downswings

    I just stepped up to 5nl, I do the best I can but a couple of coolers here, a couple of suckouts there and in the end I have negative bb/100.

    What do you do on a bad day? or a bad week?
    Do you take the rest of the day of and start again tomorrow? And if tomorrow is the same story, leave it for the next day? Or do you still try to power through?
    Tilt wasn't a problem on 2nl, but here it kinda gets in the way :/

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    Well, I withdrew all my money from PS, excluded for a day and posted a whining thread in community me-up when I was feeling sorry for myself. All this after annoying my brother through Skype for an hour about how I was never going to play again and ask to be excluded forever.

    I was, and am, feeling like crap at the minute so I don't think I will be playing too much until next week when the SnG promo starts.

    Zoom especially seems hard for coolers and the last day or two has been filled with them for me. I've handed out some too but the swings just got to me. Your running way below EV which is rough but hopefully you make it to where you should be. I went from -ev lifetime to +ev within a few months so it can happen.

    So yeah, take a break, review hands and give yourself some space to grieve for the hands you should have won.


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      I took a shot at 5nl recently and managed to lose AA vs AK, and then KK vs 36o (the called a 4-bet preflop with 36o....hit trips on the turn). So I was down $10 within about 100 hands at 5nl.

      Even though it was raining outside I decided to go for a walk to calm down and think about what I could have done differently and figured it was just really unlucky and not to let it get to me.

      After this I jumped back to 2nl and managed to win $20 in a few sessions.

      After a bad run like this I think rather than trying to power through you should take a break from the game to clear your head, otherwise you will most likely start making bad calls to try to win back the losses as quickly as possible...also, don't ever try to go up another stake to win it back quickly that way!


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        Sorry to hear that bhoylegend, I hope things get better soon, they sure will.

        dannyb198888, It's not the unclear head, I can shake off my tilt after a good meal or a half hour nap, It's just that I find the sessions unproductive if I'm on a downswing. Some may call this being results oriented, but does really anyone play his usual hours per day on a downswing?


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          I do tilt badly but I drop stakes or change sites, I'll even play a freeroll or two. When I take a break I'll use the time to analyse my stats or watch a video.

          The game will still be the same tomorrow, it's not the end of the world if I lose. I use proper (too strict TBH) bankroll so I'll never go broke - if I ever did then I'd play freerolls again and build a bankroll from scratch.


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            It's a pretty small sample size in the OP's screengrab, and he ran way below EV in called all in situations. Provided the bankroll is sufficient, I'd carry on as normal, as it's only a 2 buy-in downswing. If I'm tilted, or clearly not playing my A-game, then I take time off, or play a completely different game (e.g. Razz, Stud, fixed limit) even if it means hitting the play money tables. Learning a new game takes your focus away from bad beats, and forces you to pay attention to the new format.
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