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Request for graphical analysis and comparison.

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  • Request for graphical analysis and comparison.

    Here is a graph of my current run at 2nl, across 30k hands, starting with a $10 buy in. I was wondering how this compares to other microstakes players, and if I can get some analysis of my apparently TAG style of play?

    Bigger version.

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    Looks exactly how I'd expect a winning TAG player's graph to look like at 2NL. Doing well actually.

    Maybe running a little lucky at the moment. Expect 'C All-In Adj' to generally be higher than "C Won" since you will often be getting the money in when your way ahead at 2NL and rarely any other time. That gives you minimum chances to 'suck-out' on opponents while they will be trying to get lucky against you almost constantly. Nothing to worry about though, either way you would have great results so far.


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      Hi Danny! Your graph looks very similar to my 2NL graph.

      If you can post positional stats similar to the ones I posted HERE, I'll be happy to take a quick look to see if there are any obvious ways to improve your numbers.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Here are my positional stats. Very much in the red from the BB, but that's to be expected!

        Bigger version.

        Also, looking at your stats and mine, Arty, it's strange that my losses at non-showdown are almost equal to my total profits. Perhaps there is something to gauge from that....
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          My first link was a FR graph, but you're evidently playing 6-max, where the redline shouldn't be going down quite so rapidly. Your positional stats are good, although a little looser than mine, I think. (What is your overall VPIP/PFR?). You might be able to improve your redline by 3-betting more often pre-flop, or perhaps by being a little tighter in the blinds, as calling OOP quite often and then check-folding the flop is a bit of a leak.
          Post-flop you're somewhat more aggressive than average, but it doesn't appear to be a major problem, as you're still getting to showdown with the best hand the majority of the time.
          I think you'll do fine at 5NL, as players are slightly tighter there, so you'll be running all over them with your semi-loose aggressive style. Maybe I'll see you there, as I'm moving to 5NL 6-max shortly. Good luck!
          Bracelet Winner


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            My stats are 22/17, which I think are a bit high, but I think that's a reflection of 6-max play. I believe they would be lower at FR. My overall 3-bet is 3.72%, which may be a bit low, perhaps it should be closer to 5% or so?

            Hopefully I don't run into you too often at 5nl, I need the weaker players to bring up my bankroll!


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              22/17 with a 3-bet of 3.72% is fine for 2NL 6-max, but a little loose, as I said. You might want to tighten up your UTG range as well as the blinds.

              For reference, I played 19/15 and 4.1% at 2NL 6-max and won at 21bb/100.
              Roland GTX crushed for about 29bb/100 playing something like 17/14 and 5% 3-bet.
              Bracelet Winner


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                Ah nice stats, I definitely have some leaks I need to plug, I'm on 11 BB/100 at the moment.


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                  Yeah danny i think you played a load more hands than they did though so 10bb over that amount of hands is sweet im running 9bb/100 over 100k plus hands at 2nl and thats with playing like a total fish to begin with.

                  I would like to play abit looser myself you look like your running really well with that vpip at 2nl.



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