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5nl Zoom, OESD on 2 tone turn, should I barrel?

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  • 5nl Zoom, OESD on 2 tone turn, should I barrel?

    43/13 over 33 hands, agression factors 0.5/1/1 (F/T/R) Is it a mistake to fire a second barrel here? I put him on flash draw, any ace with a gutshot, 22/55/77 maybe, any queen, any 3 or 4(with backdoors), so when the 3rd flush card came I decided to get him of everything but the flush draw

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    I don't really like this iso raise, villain is not deep enough to make it profitable with a hand like 56s (it's not an iso raise i would be makng anyway, generally speaking, unless i had a stone read on the guy folding way too often). Flop cbet is too big imo on what is a pretty damn dry flop, if he missed he's probably folding anyway. Not a huge fan of your logic on turn, he's probably going to felt with any queen unless a 4th club peels off (plus may have a hand like QJ /w Jc and just stack it off anyway), obviously never folding a flush, maybe not folding any pair. We (possibly) pick up some showdown value/extra equity vs his range i don't want to inflate this pot any further with our marginal hand. In my experience shorties like this tend to get sticky when they catch a piece so bluffing him off basically anything he holds that's connected with the board is optimistic to say the least! :P
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      Hi Pray,

      I agree with AKB, this is not a spot to be iso-raising with small suited connectors, vs. a short stacking loose-passive guy. We want to iso here with cards that make big 1 pair hands mostly, like KJ, we hit a J and this guy stacks off J9.

      Also agree on the c-bet sizing, if he doesn't have a Q or clubs he doesn't have much to call with, we can bet smaller here. As played, take a free card on the turn all the time. He calls this big fop bet, either the 6c got him there or if it didn't he's not folding his pair (Qx, 88, etc).

      Your plan to get him off hands is targeted against the wrong player type. This is the type to value bet hard and take free cards when you don't have the best hand now but have equity. You'll go mad trying to get loose-passive players to fold top pair.
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        By far I was isolating everyone with my whole opening range. About time to plug that, thx



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