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10nl - JJ IP. Dry A high board, 3b pot. Cbet or not?

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  • 10nl - JJ IP. Dry A high board, 3b pot. Cbet or not?

    The villain had been playing for 25 hands. He was 28/24 AF - 1.0 F3B 0/2. I had no notes on him at the time in question. I think 3betting preflop is pretty standard since we have a good hand and he will call with a wide range. If the blinds were bad passive players and I thought we could intice them to call by flatting then I would consider flatting. However in this case both blinds had a 3b of around 6%. My issue with the hand is OTF. I'm unsure whether cbetting is profitable, I think by betting we rep the widest range as I will be betting all misses here as well as when I have hit the A. However, should we be thinking like this since the villain is unlikely to be thinking about our range. Should we just try to get to SD cheaply with our medium strength hands, perhpas trying to get value on later streets? We have SDV so perhaps we should check behind. However if we do and he fires the turn and the river we are left guessing. I decided to bet in this instance as I thought smaller PP's such as 88/99/TT would all call one street. Once I bet the flopI think checking the turn back is the best line since it's hard to get called by worse. I'm pretty happy with my river fold since he's unlikely to bet a worse hand.
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    Hi Oli,

    3-betting pre is fine, I like it more if the villain steals from the cut off. Flatting is also a valid option, which I would lean towards if there's a weak player in the blinds we'd like to play pots with.

    If you c-bet this flop he is probably only continuing if you're beat, so you might consider checking back here. You're probably concerned this turns your hand face up, and what do you do if he bluffs you on the turn and river then? I wouldn't be worried about it too much from this guy, his post flop AF so far is very low at 1.0 (small sample but still, when he's been involved pre it was aggressively mostly, and yet still has only mustered 1.0 AF), so he's probably not capable of firing both turn and river on a bluff. And against more aggro or savvy opponents, you can balance this play by sometimes checking back the flop with your AK hands as well, inducing bluffs and calls on later streets from big pocket pairs.

    As played, check back turn and give up river I agree with.
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