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5NL 6-max JJ IP

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  • 5NL 6-max JJ IP

    Hi, villain is unkown. Shoukld I've made the 3B like 2 x instead of shoving ? How can we range the villains check raise here ? Thanks umbup:

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    When the villain x/r here I don't think we should be re-raising. The villains range for x/r on such a wet board really stong and at best he holds a FD in my experience. The villain will often hold 2 pair, sets, strong draws such as 2 diamond overcards, ATdd/JTdd/67dd as well as the occasional flopped straight.

    Although his range is doing very well against your holding you have positon and his small raise is giving you great odds. You have 6 outs that are clean, since the Qd and 7d both bring the flush. You need 19% equity to call his raise, [0.70/(2.97+0.70)]*100 = 19%. Given that you are IP and can hope to make further money when you hit one of your outs I would call here.

    It gets complicated when you hit a Qd or 7d as you will sometimes have the best hand but you will also sometimes lose the maximum if you can't hand read particularly well.

    Long story short don't get all in with one pair hands when facing x/r on super wet flops. Also remember to play catiously when you hit a 'dirty' out.


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      I think Oli's got this one spot on. The flop c-bet is standard, but you're not in great shape when villain check-minraises. His hand looks like a straight, set, or some sort of combo draw, like AJdd, so you're not in great shape equity wise. You have outs, even if it's just to a chop, however. I would just call the minraise, as you have have the odds to do so with your OESD. 3-betting the flop risks you value-owning yourself vs a made straight or set. Villains at theses stakes are rarely folding once they've check-raised the flop, so I'd expect villain to get it in here pretty often, and usually be flipping at least (NFD+2 overs), and sometimes crushing.
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