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Are we just always calling here? AA 5NL Zoom

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  • Are we just always calling here? AA 5NL Zoom

    I have played 7 hands with villain and he has never VPIP'd or PFR'd. This is coming towards the end of my session and I am a little ahead and looking to play out the last few hands without much drama. Pre-flop I get 3bet and, with the above in mind, am just looking to play it as straightforward as possible and 4bet which gets a call. Given that I am rather pessimist I give him some credit for having something of value. KK/QQ/AK. When the flop arrives I just cringe at my plans for a quiet and painless end for the session and start hoping for the best. Given that I have nothing much to go on, other than this is his first ever hand played while I am at the table, I call his all-in shove re-raise. Are we always going to do this without a read? If I cbet I have to call I think. If playing against something of a nit who I do have a larger sample on and can reliably assume is doing it with AA/KK/AK, do we fold or still get it in? Folding seemed like it would be nitty and, in the end, I felt he wanted a fold when I made the decision. So that, and the fact that I was calling off little less than half my starting stack, meant I went with it. I knew I was playing for stacks when I cbet.
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    Definitely. Willing to bet most villains @ 5nl are slowplaying this IP /w trips or better. Less than a psb behind, nothing to protect from, why jam if he's nuttted?
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      Hi bhoy,

      Yes, we are always calling here.

      Not to mention the slow playing factor (although he may not see a need with such a low stack to pot ratio), but if you range him we are generally ahead.

      He 3b us and called a solid 4b preflop. This is likely hands like AK-AJ, QQ-TT. Now out of that range we are only losing to AK. Since 2 aces and 2 kings are accounted for, there are only 4 AK combos that he can have. And he would probably chose to 5b all in pre at least some of the time with AK, so we can realistically only give him maybe 2 combos of AK. Even if we factor in KQs as well, that's only 2 more combos or 4 total beating us. There are 6 combos of QQ alone. We rate to be ahead here way more often than not.
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        Ok, thanks for replies AKB and Dave.

        I was pretty sure, if not certain, that I had to get it in so was just looking for reassurance really. Played a lot of hands (by my standards at least - 3654 hands) and it was fairly volatile with relentless peaks and troughs. I was more often than not trading down for the session but two big hands got me to more than a BI profit for the day. So my head was frazzled by the end of it.



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