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5NL 6-max 44 MW

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  • 5NL 6-max 44 MW

    Hi, V4 is playing 21/16/4, AF=1 and CB of 33% over 73 hands. V4 is unkown. And V5 is playing 25/19/0 over just 16 hands. Help me here with ranging the hands of the villains. I've put V4 on some overpair that on hte turn he decided to fold since an overcard got there. And villain V4 on a pair+draw hand which he kept calling my strong bets but folded the river. Until he folds the river I've put him on some slowplayed sets, although it wouldn't make sanse since I'd expect a check raise on the flop or turn, because of the dry flop and the multi-way pot. Any thoughts ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp, Your read info is a bit confusing since you are referring to multiple villains as V4, but I think I get the gist since only one stayed to the turn, which was V5 with only 16 hands of data. I think we can rule out other sets on the turn, as most players would raise with a set either on the flop or turn. They might also bet overpairs to "protect their hand" after the preflop raiser (V4) fails to continuation bet. So I think he's going to be fairly draw heavy here... 55, A5, A2, A7, 53s, 54s... stuff like that. I think you did a nice job of constructing a range for him. umbup: Now put it into action. On the river he is holding a busted draw (won't call anything) or a weak pair (may call a small bet). Your turn bet was 1.35, I think a river bet of about 1/3rd of the pot (~1.50) can get paid off here by the weak showdown value hands. Moving him all in for the entire 3.16 won't get paid unless he's overly suspicious.
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      Sorry Dave, I lost my self as I wrote the post lol, but you got the idea right. Thanks, it seems that my reading is better then when I played at the 2NL umbup:



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