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2NL 6-Max: river 3b or call with non-nut flush?

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  • 2NL 6-Max: river 3b or call with non-nut flush?

    This hand is from a regular 2NL 6-Max table. I had only been there for an orbit and don't know much about the villain except that he has been loose passive thus far. Would you ever consider 3-betting this river? I lead with slightly less than half the pot on the river wanting to get called and am happy inducing a raise from worse hands. I often see players at 2nl value owning themselves in spots like this with straights, sets, two pair, top pair hands, and sometimes even with missed draws. I am fairly confident that I am ahead, but I don't have the nut flush. Yet, following the logic above for inducing a raise on the river, can make the same arguement for 3-betting? I can see the villain spewing his stack with a straight in particular in this spot. But, am I willing to play for stacks with such a marginal flush? Thanks! Roland GTX

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    I think we are missing a lot of value not 3betting the river. I think a T would raise your river bet to get value from all your top pairs / two pairs, so we should be 3betting to get value from them.

    I'd make it around $1 and if he reshoved... well then we are in a tricky spot. In most spots like this, the villain at these stakes usually goes "but I have a straight, i call!"


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      Hi Greg,

      I agree with birdayy, and I think you kind of answered it yourself... you were happy to induce a raise, not because you thought you'd induce a bluff raise, but because you thought you'd induce a value owning raise. So go ahead and reraise him.

      If we're inducing a bluff raise with a more marginal hand, then reraising it is bad as we would expect to only get further action on our 3b when beat. But if we're inducing a value owning raise (which I agree here he can be doing for sure), then he thinks he's raising for value and certainly can have us beat but also may do this with quite a few worse hands as well. Especially blind vs. blind. A strong player may well raise/fold a ten for value here, but I think the vast majority of your 2nl randoms will be paying off your 3b with those worse hands.
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        Thanks guys!umbup: Since moving back to 2NL I have been focusing on my river play quite a bit. There is a lot of value to be found there! Yeah, I did feel like this was a missed opportunity (especially after seeing hte guy show down a straight) but, I wanted to run this idea by others before making any expensive changes to my game. Thanks! Greg



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