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trying to get to much vallue

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  • trying to get to much vallue
    my reasoning for rasing the river is that he played the whole hand like he had soething like he had kx and maybe a half slowplayed smaller set but not like a draw
    sorry if i maybe post really standard hands but still trying to figure the game out and hear your reaction helps me allot
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    Hi ad,

    I would just call here. I think we are looking at KQ, KT, or a flush most of the time in this spot, and KQ would have probably gone off for more than 2 bets on the flop and/or turn. So KT or the flush.

    While it seems like a somewhat odd line for him to be taking with the naked flush draw, or a monster draw like JsTs where many players would cap the flop for value, the key here is that the one queen we can't account for is the flush queen, so he can realistically hold QsXs and play it this way. Bets flop because he might be good, then calls your raise. Bets turn to deny a free card in case you were making a free card play, then knows he's beat when you raise again, but can certainly call with a lot of outs. Then bets river for value when he makes the nuts.

    While we can get a value raise paid off by KT, it does seem like an odd way to play KT as well, and raising only gets us 1 extra bet from KT, while if he's got the flush raising costs us 2 extra bets since we're not folding our set to it... therefore we have to be getting paid by worse more than twice as often than paying off the flush to make raising +EV. I don't think that's going to be happening here, so just call.
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      thnx dave makes allot of sence again :P
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