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5NL 6-max cash

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  • 5NL 6-max cash

    No information on the player whatshowever. I think that call might have been -ev, not sure. What do you guys think.

    I take into account there are still some people limping AA UTG.
    Only hands I beat are A2, 22 and bluff. They are so rare that I think AA would've been the case most of the time.

    (srry for link :p)

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    Hey, Sentras. In my opinion it was definetely +EV call. Since you are versus {A2,AA,22} range you have about 75% equity, if you add bluffs to his holdings your equity goes even higher. If you shrink that range to only {AA,22} you would still had positive equity(52%), so don't worry about this one umbup:
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      I totally disagree , i think you nearly always have the best of it here. The open limp is usually exactly what it was in this case a pair trying to flop a set. I do not see the limp with AA as much nowadays as that is quite a dated trap which people have become wise to. And it also being usually the least profitable way of playing AA it does not happen as much as it used to in my experience. Without reads i am going to think the villian is a fish at these limits until he tells me something different , i think you played the hand correctly. I certainly would have called his shove anyway certainly when i have no reads on the player. I notice this hand was while the special promotion is taking place so there will be more fish about than usual, I think he possibly puts you on a Ax or even a flush draw. So i think he never thought he could be behind with his set, also i see people shoving with the flush draw also...
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        Originally posted by Sentras View Post
        Only hands I beat are A2, 22 and bluff. They are so rare that I think AA would've been the case most of the time.
        What about A6 and random AJ,AT,A9 which thinks it is for sure the best hand?
        Even thinking about folding your 2nd nuts here is a leak


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          Set OTF and a villain is trying to get the chips in, I think you should be getting it in here most of the time . If ever his hand better that yours in this spot he is a bad player.


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            even if i was 90% sure he lipmed aces UTG im calling that, ive stacked off with TPTK on the flop when people shove because i find most of the time there bluffing i mean how often do you see a shove when they flop a monster.

            The only time i think of a shove as a monster is when people shove the turn on a draw heavy board or if they shove the river and there a station, the only time il fold a set or top set is if i bet strong into a station and they call and ship the river when the straight hits the river, ive found that when im betting strong and if i get raised im always beat but if i have a strong hand on a dangerous board and start checking and all of a sudden villain just over bets i know there bluffing but sometimes im wrong because some players will ship the river with the nutz even if you shown weakness which is silly imo because most of the time when people show weakness there not calling, so most of the time i will call and win more than i lose, ive won so many times with TPTK when people just randomly shove when it makes no sense.

            Think about it if i show weakness, you will put me on a weak hand so why would they go all in unless there bluffing most of the time, its like when i cbet a flop i miss and check the turn then villain pots the turn in position on a board i think they have missed i raise they fold obviously theres times where im wrong and it costs me a dollar but i make more money by playing back at them than i do when i actually get called and lose.

            This time villain shoved a strong hand why i dont know because only better can call.
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              Against an unknown this should be a strong +EV call. His range and your equity against it could look something like this:

              77.842% { 6d6h }
              22.158% { AA, 22, A6s, A2s, KhQh, A6o, A2o }

              Even if he just does this with sets we could still call and expect to make money on it:

              52.273% { 6d6h }
              47.727% { AA, 22 }
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