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5NL 6-max Zoom QQ

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom QQ

    Hi, both villains are unkown. Is the river a check fold on this spot ? I decided to call since he could do this with AK. I didn't expect the villain here to bluff the river with Th Jd here, but it happened. Good call on the river ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp_boss,

    Readless I think I would be more comfortable bet folding the river because i expect the villain to have a lot of Kx hands that he is not willing to give up (I somehow always assume that an unknown at 5NL is a bad poker player). The other reason for betting the turn for me is that it is very rare to see a river bluff raise at these stakes so we can pretty much be sure that it is a flush once we do get raised. I never assume that an unknown is capable of bluffing the river with a missed draw and I also expect AK to call 3 streets always. The river check is a good play against an aggressive opponent who can float with a lot of hands which he can bluff the river with: JT,AT,AJ.

    FYI I would never check fold the river against an unknown. KQ, AK, 66 are all hands he could easily try to value bet once we told him we do not have the flush ourselves.


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      Readless i too would would most probably bet fold. As river bluffs are not too common at these stakes. Unless you have a read that the guy has bluffs in his armour. You said he could do thid with AK maybe i think AK would check that is why i prefer to lead to get max value, the only hand i was worried about was the flush...
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        Once you check OTR it becomes really hard to judge whether villain could be betting worse for value or turn certain hands into bluffs. As the board was K high I would just bet the river for value against Kx type hands and fold to a raise especially with no information on the opponent. This line ensures value against worse hands while making it harder for your opponent to bluff you off what potentially will be the best hand here a lot still.
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