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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game TT

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game TT

    Hi, Please could you analyse my hand below. The villain was a fish (VPIP=70% PF=6%) Cheers, pullin1988

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    Hi pullin,

    I think this is a flop I would check given our position. Why are we betting? For Value or for a bluff?
    I don't see worse hands calling us especially multiway. And what better hands fold?

    By checking we get to see our opponents action and decide accordingly

    I would c/c flop if V8 bets and V6 folds; c/c turn; c/f river.

    As played, I'd c/c a small bet OTT and c/f river.


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      Hi Pullin!

      Heads up, I'd be c-betting here, even into a calling station, as I don't want him getting a free card to hit an ace or king. Multiway it's a little different. Checking to see if villains bet is probably a better plan. I'd call a smallish bet, but wouldn't go beyond the turn without improving.

      As played, the loose player calls, and while it's possible he just has 9x or a draw, I think I'd slow down on the turn and try and keep the pot small. You picked up an OESD, but it's a mistake to bluff, or even semi-bluff, vs a calling station. He's never folding a pair - least of all top pair - so you're just paying a higher price to try and hit your draw.
      Betting the river is just spew, to be honest. You're never getting called by worse, and never folding out better. You have 3rd pair, but even the most stationy of players isn't calling with bottom pair when you fire 3 barrels.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Cheers guys, thanks for the analysis.




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