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Handy analysis question (2NL zoom)

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  • Handy analysis question (2NL zoom)

    This is a hand that I played on a 2NL zoom table. I raised on the turn instead of on the flop, because after I saw this guy bet small two times I recognized that I have the best hand more often then not and have to protect against draws. After he shoved on the river I didn't thougt there was any hand he would bluff except maybe a busted flush draw, but I'd showed so much strenght by raising the turn. Also I think there are almost no worse hands he would shove with. What do you guys think about this?
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    Hi biggiro,

    I think raise flop for value from SDs and FDs, and regain initiative.
    Sometimes we might be against sets, but his donk bet is too tiny which makes me think he is on a draw or some weak pair hand which is also indicative by his small turn bet on an overcard.

    I don't know about the river though; could he have 2pair with 78? was he donking with a gutshot T9? or did he hit his 8 when he donked with 98? He does not seem to be scared after you raised the turn on an overcard though and now he shoves river. Probably a good fold.


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        Here is another really interesting hand which I could play much more different. 1: 4bet preflop 2: fold preflop 3: Call preflop and then shove the flop 4: Call preflop, call the cbet and check the turn behind and see what he does on the river and then decide. 5: The line that I took, but check the river. What do you think is the best line?


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          Hey biggiro,

          I think the forum rule is to have 1 hand per post. It should help track hands better.

          Do you have any stats on villain?
          I think you played this hand well actually; The only reason why I would check back the river is because I don't think there are hands that can call us from the betting line villain has taken; maybe AhQh but betting is not a mistake either.


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            On the first hand, I like raising the flop.

            When the villain in the BB cold calls your iso-raise, but isn't closing the action, he almost always has a speculative hand like a small/medium pair or a suited connector. Indeed, most of the time, I think his plan is to go set-mining in a multiway pot.
            On the flop, it's 3-handed and the 763 flop is a good one for you, because you can get value from flush draws and worse overpairs. There are a lot of the latter in villain's range. When he donks out for about a third of the pot, his range is quite narrow. It's basically 99-88, A7s 98/87. In short, he has a weak one pair hand or a draw. Very occasionally he has a set and is trying to sucker you into raising, but this isn't a problem. You can make a 3x raise and then insta-fold to a 3-bet. More likely, he will just call and play the rest of the hand passively, allowing you to get 3 streets of value when he can't bring himself to fold a pair, and two streets if he has a draw that missed.
            Just calling the flop bet misses value and leaves you playing a guessing game. I like the raise on the turn, because villain's tiny bet here says "I don't like that jack". Villain's range is now the smallest overpairs and a sticky A7s. When villain redonks the river and makes it a big bet, he has pocket eights or 87. Easy fold. Easy game.
            I'm almost certain he has pocket eights, because the 8 is blank for all other hands, since 54 already had a straight on the flop, and T9 doesn't usually donk the flop, or bet-call the turn.
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              With the AK hand, my pre-flop action depends on a read. Sometimes, I'm folding to the 3-bet, sometimes I'm 4-betting and occasionally (usually against unknowns) I'm calling, like you did.

              Your post-flop play is kind of standard for 2NL (where TPTK is a "3 streets of value" hand), but I'd often check behind on the the turn. It's not that I'm worried about QQ+ and KQs having me beat. It's because I want to get value from worse on the river. Villain might turn AQ or JJ into a bluff and lead out on the river if you check the turn, but these worse hands are rarely (if ever) calling a river bet if you've bet both the flop and turn. If you bet the turn and get called, checking behind on the river is best, unless villain is a bad LAG that gets married to AQ/JJ and will call off his whole stack.
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