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NL 6-max Zoom AKs

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  • NL 6-max Zoom AKs

    Hi,the villain is playign 39/0/0 over just 19 hands. Should I've folded the river ? I want to know your thoughts on the hand overall as well. Thanks umbup:

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    Even though we only have 19 hands on the villain he looks like he is pretty bad/calling station so I am not sure if cbetting this flop is a good idea. If you decide to cbet it has to be for value not as a bluff. With AK it is quite close but I think I would lean towards checking. Too many pocket pairs he is not willing to give up with imo.

    I do not understand why OTT you do not follow up with a sizable 2nd barrel. You bet when you have air and check with TPTK? He is not folding a Jack, any diamond or stright draw and if you are lucky enough that he hit an ace with his draw like you did you are always going to get paid. Absolutely no reason to check the turn. Bet and punish calling stations! Since he is a shorty I would just shove here.

    OTR If he was full stacked I would of course fire 3rd barrel and be looking to get paid off handsomely by AJ,KJ, other possible worse 2 pair hands and any ace or a king (which probably cannot resist the temptation to look us up either). If he raises us at any point in the hand I think we have an easy fold. 39/0 villains do not semi bluff or bluff missed draws.

    As played I would raise the river. No reason to just call against that sizing and to fold would be a huge mistake. If you bet,check,raise the river you are going to get looked up a lot. Calling stations and bad players absolutely hate to bet fold so even if he was just somehow betting a king he is going to call you more times than not. As soon as the calling station/bad player bets the river himself he is pot committed 99% of the time especially when he only has $0.62 behind. Just ship it in. He does not have sets often enough here for you to not want play for his whole stack.


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      This is a flop I would check back.
      As played, bet turn. Even though your hand might not get 3 streets of value against a Jx but the two diamonds and J86 flop means we need to charge draws now because if draws miss then we are not getting a second street of value OTR.


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        Yep, I agree with Tommy and geo. This is a really bad board texture to c-bet with air vs. a loose-passive player as it hits a lot of his preflop calling range and he won't fold. Check and make a delayed c-bet on the turn would be better if checked to again.

        When the station calls us and we get there on the turn, we should be betting again for value now 100% rather than give him a free card. We can pretty comfortably bet/fold against this villain imo.
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