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2NL Squeeze Fail

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  • 2NL Squeeze Fail

    Idea of my notes: OR opens larger than typical all the time. Caller loose passive I realise I played this poorly and luckboxed it but my main concern/question is is this a viable squeeze spot or not? given my notes I thought so but it failed epically. If you want to comment on my line and bet sizing etc I welcome the criticism as I don't rate my play here at all. Thanks

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    You can never isolate something based on one hand. Maybe yuor notes in general were good, but this hand might have been an exception

    In the end you squeezed and flopped a dream flop. I would've bet a little smaller on the flop though.
    In 3bet pots they either stick with it or they don't when they call. So you'd have accomplished the same with a 50-60% bet and risked less.

    The call on river was good, you had a good price to call for your draws.
    His shove on the river on the other hand, was at best a split pot in most cases.

    Back on the squeezing. I rather like to squeeze when I have blockers. You only had a Q and a 10 meaning there are still 4 K and 4 A there so AK is still a big part of his range there. Also adds the chance you get 4B from KK AA.


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      If I had have gotten 4-bet I was easily folding whereas if I got called by one or both I figure I'm live. Also the fact the loose passive called 5x I think he probably has Ax type hands a lot and that's one less for the OR hit should he have AK, AQ but perhaps that's wishful thinking.

      Also I think my flop bet was an decent size now I think about it because if he's playing fit or fold like you say I honestly don't mind getting it in here with my large number of out and he fact I am never drawing dead on the flop. I think I'm value betting really.

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        Hi Fayden,

        In general when I played 2nl I didn't look to squeeze, it wasn't something that was in my arsenal at the time and in fact I didn't start looking to add it until I reached 10nl. This was because at 2nl and 5nl there are so many recreational players that it's the place to learn value betting, cbetting, basic hand reading and getting solid at fundamentally.

        That said if I was looking to squeeze at 2nl I wouldn't be doing so here. The raiser is UTG so we can assume his range is tighter than usual. The caller is 'loose passive' so we want to keep him in the pot. We're OOP with a medium strength hand. That's 3 reasons against squeezing.

        If we were OTB it may be a different case as we would be playing HU vs the fish IP a lot of the time, as it stands I like to flat and try get value from said station when we flop a pair. If UTG gets aggressive when we have a pair we can fold if he fires multiple barrels. Also when we flop something like you did we can play aggressively as we have so much equity.

        At the end of the day after the squeeze you played it well firing twice and the odds when he shoves are huge. It was a +EV call and you hit.

        Nice hand
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          Hi Fadyen

          I agree with Croyd about not wanting to 3bet when facing an ep raiser and a station in latter postion. Also, that semi-bluff squeeze plays aren't necessary, and often don't work, at 2NL. Too many players just don't fold. So we often end up bloating the pot with a marginal hand oop. Moreover, it is easy to get paid with our made hands postflop. I would 3b premium hands for value here. But with a hand like yours at 2NL I am more willing to call even though we are oop and reevaluate on the flop.

          With this flop I am willing to get my stack in the middle. Moreover, it seems likely to have helped the vilain. I would actually have lead with a pot sized bet. At 2NL many bad players make pot sized bets on missed flops thinking the villain will fold (not realizing that that may be getting value owned.) Conversely, many players call large bets like this. Go for max value.

          GL and have fun at the tables!

          Roland GTX


          • #6
            At 2NL I would probably only squeeze with premium value hands. People won't fold often enough for semi-bluffs/bluffs to have a lot of value. Also, the opening range of the original raiser is an issue as well. The stronger their range, the less likely I would be to squeeze as a semi-bluff. In this case villain opened from UTG so his range is probably too strong (unless you have good reason to think otherwise).


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              Thanks for the thoughts and opinions. And I certainly agree about the larger bet sizing on the flop, at the time I wasn't thinking too deeply about the sizing as I was multi-tabling and little bit on auto-pilot.

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