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5nl 6max zoom, AK TPTK on wet board

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  • 5nl 6max zoom, AK TPTK on wet board

    I've decided to post 2 hands because it's basically the same situation, but I acted differently in each of them Nr 1. villain 16/9 flop Af: 1.25 3bet: 9.8 raise flop cbet:33 over 136 hands the check/raise sizing was what scared me, I thought of two pair pair, maybe a set with TT against two pair I'm not good even if I hit an ace, all was left was 2 kings. Looking back I think I was better of calling, didn't really see that big raise cbet stat. Tell me what you think, should I have called, if so, what if he checks/bets again on turn? and Nr. 2 villain unknown I played this hand not long after the first one, there was no check rasie to scare me off so this time I decided to beat kj JQ AJ AQ, any flush draw and chop with AK So is my play good here, should I have thought twice before calling the turn?
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    Hi Praydk,

    Villain's c/r range OTF is a value raise for sure because this flop hits our perceived range. He will basically have{ QQ, TT, AJs, KQs}. And we don't have implied odds to call because when we improve by hitting a Jack we will not be able to win more from him. Good fold.

    This is not a similar hand because it's a 3bet pot and in a 3bet pot the SPR is lower than a single-raise pot.
    I think once you call the flop bet you have committed yourself since you've already invested 40% of your stack.
    And V5 donks for >75% pot, he's clearly not going anywhere. Perhaps ship flop with TPTK + gutshot + BDFD. Can we ever find a fold here?


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      thx, but will the villain have QQ with that 3bet percentage in the first hand?
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        Originally posted by Praydk View Post
        thx, but will the villain have QQ with that 3bet percentage in the first hand?
        He might; you'd have to see how much he 3bets vs different positional opens.

        He could be 3betting BTN/CO too much but nit 3betting vs EP opens - the total 3bet% you provide only tells us how much he is 3betting as a total average against ALL positions


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          Those boards are really tough ones for AK and both times villain's hand range looks to be very strong with the lines and dynamics (x/r big on flop and leading big multiway). I can't blame you for making tight folds here as there are many combos that may have us beat. The only hands we are beating are the broadway hands with straightdraws in them and in case we decide to continue I like calling flop in both spots. In spot 1 I would probably consider folding if be bets big OTT again while in spot 2 I wouldn't plan on folding blank turns.
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