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5nl 6 Max Zoom - TPTK

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  • 5nl 6 Max Zoom - TPTK

    Agaisnt an unknown player am i always going for three streets of thin value here?

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    Yes I think that even against an unknown your hand is good enough to go for 3 streets of value and I do not think it is really that thin. Villains at 5NL have a real problem folding top pair and I would assume that any 2 pair or a set would try to check raise us at some point in the hand which makes for an easy river value bet.

    An alternative would be to bet the river very small - like 1/3 pot to try and get a bluff raise out of missed draws - spades, QJ or AQ,AJ even? However, villains at 5NL do not read particularly well into bet sizes and the majority of them are not capable of bluff raising the river anyway. I like your line and would play the hand the same way. Remember that to make your value bets profitable you only need to get called by worse more than 50% of the time. Just keep making these value bets and if in time you find that you are getting too many folds and/or too many calls by better hands than stop doing it. From my experience at 5NL though, this is a must value bet river card. Just let them pay you off with KQ,KJ and do not be surprised if you got a call from AT,QT,JT,JJ,QQ or even worse. You never know... so make sure you give your opponents a chance to make a mistake and pay you off light.


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      +1 except I'd make my river bet slightly smaller not to induce a bluff but to ensure I get called lighter.


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        Hi ads!

        I agree with everyone else. If you are a reg on Zoom, you typically know who the other regs are. So, I am assuming an unknown is not the best player. I would play exactly as you did up until the river.

        On the river I would often check-call. If I think I may be beat this keeps them from raising me. And if they think I missed my draw they may make a bet with a worse hand than ours. Alternatively, I would lead with a bet but smaller than yours, mainly to ensure getting called. I would go for 50%. Notice you don't want to bet too small because some may think you missed your draw and decide to raise and I don't like committing my whole stack with just a pair.


        Roland GTX



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