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5nl 6 Max Zoom - Top pair

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  • 5nl 6 Max Zoom - Top pair

    I know i should be checking back the river here (facepalm)but should i be slwing down on turn

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    I'm not sure I like the preflop call tbh. I might call vs UTG open with KTs when I'm OTB and the blinds are tight but then again I'm not going to SD with a pair of T.
    As played, I'd call flop - fold turn.


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      Completely agree with Geo here. Unless the villain is opening UTG really light you should just fold your hand or 3bet. If you feel comfortable with your postflop play I like to 3bet with this hand type quite a bit. KTs,QTs,J9s... not quite good enough to call but perfectly fine to play for a 3bet

      As played I think you can call OTT as well since the bet is so weak and could easily just be 2 overs with Ac or Kc. OTR it is a clear check back unless the villain is a notorious calling station who will call river with any T, any underpair or a 3 (if that is in his range). By the way, bet bet check raise line is very rare at 5NL. I am wondering if he is good enough to do this with just a naked Ac? God, I wish you called just so I could see what he had The turn bet is so weird that I just cannot believe he had a boat already so maybe he had 22 and hit it OTR? That would be funny His line just makes no sense and if it was for value (which at 5NL most likely was) it was definitely not played optimally. I hope you made a note on him

      Next time provide some stats please. That would make it a lot easier for everyone


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        Hi ads,

        My preflop action would be very read dedendant in this spot. Folding, calling and 3betting are all possible. However, if I call with a hand like this, I make a spesific mental note that I am primarily hoping to flop a strong draw, not a pair. Here you flopped top pair but have no outs to a flush or staight. Calling the flop would be fine if the villain has a high c-bet%. If he slows down on the turn, we might be good. If he has a low c-bet% I would probably fold the flop becuase our hand is unlikely to improve and the villain is very likely to fire another bullet on the turn which I will have to fold to. So, folding the flop minimizes our losses.

        As it played, I would fold the turn bet. The pot is just getting too big and we have no reason to put the villain on anything other than a strong hand. We have no draws and all the potential hands, boats, flushes, trips etc are crushing us.

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX



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