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25NL _ KK facing preflop reraise. Call or fold?

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  • 25NL _ KK facing preflop reraise. Call or fold?

    Hello everyone, Here is another tough spot for me. What is your preflop play on this spot? My image at the table is tight and villain has been caught calling 3 bets with facecards off and connectors off as well as suited not connected cards. No stats on him.

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    Hi Kilusonak,
    Welcome to PSO

    I wouldn't mark this as a tough spot, it's pretty easy actually we have a Premium OOP facing a raise and min-3bet... Raise it UP
    I am never ever folding Kings here. LIKE NEVER unless someone flips AA then I'd fold.
    Calling to disguise our hand strength against a light 3bettor who will likely fold to our 4bet may not be so promising since we are out of position and calling will surely induce a call from the initial raiser and I don't think that playing KK OOP multiway will be too profitable. I will take the standard line here and make it 4.5$ and be more than happy to go all in if someone comes over the top.


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      Against someone with your villians image i am getting it all in everytime, as we will have the best hand 99% of the time. Against a super nit then your line is fine but against this villian i am happy to get it in...
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        Ya what they said. I see preflop options as call or 4 bet, hate the call as don't want to see a flop 3 handed with KK, it also sounds like the 3better may stack off with more than AA-KK so very happy to 4 bet and get it in here. If he has AA, so be it, probably a lot else that it coulda been.


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          If he is 5betting with anything other than AA or KK than it is an auto jam over the top. If however you ARE SURE his range for doing this ONLY INCLUDES AA and KK than it is unfortunately a fold. It was a value raise which we expected to get called by worse but if he only ever comes over the top with AA/KK than we have to fold as our equity against that range is a mere 22.6% which is not enough for a shove.

          Calling is out of question because even if we see a flop HU we are still going to get stacked by AA unless an A hits the flop (but that only happens around 11.8% of the time)


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            Thank you very much everyone for taking your time to look into this hand.

            My instincts were telling me that in this hand he might be really strong and have an AA. He was calling 3 bet raises with wide range of hands but I haven't seen him reraising just for nothing. He is aggressive but not maniac I would say. So the question here was if he have an AA or still trying to push me off with AK or KK-QQ. Definitely, if it's not an AA it's an auto all-in.


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              Hi Kilu,

              I agree with others that it's fine to 4b/get it in here.

              Originally posted by Kilusonak View Post
              villain has been caught calling 3 bets with facecards off and connectors off as well as suited not connected cards. No stats on him.
              You must have stats, if you have this other read info. But it's enough of a read to not think about laying down KK imo. If he's making such bad calls of 3b's routinely then his min-3b range should be wide enough to make stacking off KK profitable imo.
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                Thank you very much everyone for the opinion on this hand. After his reraise to 7.50 I was left with 18.++, so I went allin because 3 bet reraise was meaningless. This hand happened short after this one, so definitely I was kinda tilting and wanted revenge on the villain. To be precise it is just 10 hands after. The problem is that despite the fact my play was correct (which is I guess agreed upon here) I felt 99% that this time he had rockets. But folding wasn't a good play and I found confirmation to this here. The problem is that it were my last bankroll money. Here is what happened but there is not much drama in there.
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