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2NL zoom. AKo - TPTK vs weird line

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  • 2NL zoom. AKo - TPTK vs weird line

    No data on the villain. He opens for minraise, I don't want to give the blinds a good price and 3bet him. OTF he donks really small and I decide to ignore it and re-raise to my amount. OTT and OTR I just couldn't think what hand he can be doing it with. If he has a weak hand why bet again, if he has a strong hand why bet so small? There were not much hands that beat me, but there were not much weaker hands that would continue as well. I put the hand here generally because I had a hard time ranging him and choosing the optimal line.

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    The "donk, call, redonk" line is almost always used by a bad player that's a level 0 thinker. He's not putting you on a hand range. He just looks at his own hand and thinks "This looks quite good, so I will bet".
    This line comes up quite often in TheLangolier's training sessions, and I agree with him when he says words to the effect of "Small donkbets indicate weak one pair hands and draws".
    I really like the way you played this hand, raising pre-flop and every street post-flop. When villain leads out on every street, he'll show up with QQ-77 almost every time. For some reason, bad players are incable of putting you on trips when the board is paired, even if you keep raising to tell them that you have it! I think villain actually thinks he has the best hand.
    You played this one well, making raises that didn't scare off your customer, so you won his whole stack. Nice one!
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