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5NL 6-max AJs

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  • 5NL 6-max AJs

    Hi, the villain is playing 19/16/8 (fold to 3B 2/4 hands) over 207 hands. Is this a spot to 3-bet pre flop ? rather than just calling ? Thanks umbup:

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    This was an interesting spot fp_boss77

    AJs is definately a hand you can 3-bet with, but I'm not sure that is the best line in this spot. The villain is playing fairly tight and pretty aggressively. Also, the fact that he is opening from midposition makes me believe he has some sort of decent hand.

    I think the question we need to ask is "will he call our 3-bet with worse hands than ours?" If you are 3-betting on the assumption that he will fold, then you are turning your hand into a bluff and have a big problem if he 4-bets or flats. We want to keep all the smallish pocket pairs and sc in his range.

    In spots like this where we are going to be oop and unsure of our hand, I usually look at the villain's c-bet%. If it is 70% or higher then I typically expect him to c-bet a lot of flops if he is holding a pocket pair. Therefore, I would opt for calling as you did allowing you to keep the pot small and the villain's range wide. If you flop top pair or a strong draw, we can expect to gain at least one more street of value when the villain c-bets. If we completely miss the flop as happened here, you have an easy fold.

    Roland GTX



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