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5NL 6-max Zoom AKs PF

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AKs PF

    Hi, the villain that flats in unkown. The villain that squeeze is playing 20/13/12 (and squeeze 1/8) over 86 hands. Should I've 4B for value here ? against a player that is obviously squeezeing and 3-betting hands worst than mine. I don't like calling the squeeze because it would invite the other player to call as well and I'd be in a bad relative position. Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp_boss,

    Interesting hand.
    is 12 Villain's 3betting %?

    Looking at Villain's PFR/VPIP ratio, I notice that he is calling more often than raising. That and his squeeze is coming against a MP open, I'd like to think that he is never bluffing in this spot though his 3bet sizing is slightly lower than expected; I think an optimal bet would be 0.65$.

    If we take his PFR and multiply that by his Sqz% then we get 13% x 12.5% = 1.625%; Plugging that into Pokerstove we get a range of AA-JJ for a 1.8% range; With a sample of 86 Hands, I think there is room to include AK hands in his 3betting range but still I wouldn't be too happy 4betting here.

    I'm not too worried about the villain behind us, but if we call and he calls along it might be problematic because like you said we might have a bad relative position and we will not be able to play a 3bet pot profitably with one player left to act behind us.

    Yet we are getting 2.125:1 on our call which means that we only need to win 2.125x his bet to make our call profitable or 0.87$; given that I might be inclined to call here and proceed cautiously.

    I had a similar hand posted once, and Dave suggested that a fold was the best play. Perhaps this is another one of those spots. Let's hear what the trainers have to say.



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      Hi guys,

      I would probably flat here.

      I don't think 4b/get it in is profitable... I think geo has ranged this guy nicely, and AKs is a fair dog to that tight range (38% to JJ+). The profitability in a 4b/get it in line comes from one of 2 places:

      -A villain will get it in light (including dominated aces and kings)
      -A villain is 3-betting light and/or getting it in super tight (thus they are folding quite a bit to the 4b)

      If the first point is true, then we can 4b/get it in for straight value. This is the case with fishy LAG players for instance.

      If the second point is true, we are still an equity underdog vs. their "get it in" range but that equity disadvantage is compensated for by all the times they fold and we win the 15-20bb pot immediately.

      In the case of this hand (and the prior hand of geo's he referenced) I don't think either of these points are true.

      I would call in this case however because I think we can do so profitably in that we can expect to get at least 1 c-bet out of the villain when we improve, we can profitably semi-bluff raise the flop with a flush draw, and our hand plays well enough 3 way as well... and that point about V6, I think his presence helps us if he overcalls. While it's true we'll have poor relative position now, that's not as critical with shallow post flop money (low SPR)... and it makes it harder for V3 to bluff (he might check/give up JJ on a Q high board, or AK himself that misses) and V6 is likely flatting with a lot of dominated hands, stuff like AJs, KQ, etc. so our call invites an overcall by these holdings we have a lot of value against.
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