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5NL 6-Max: Charging Max from FD

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  • 5NL 6-Max: Charging Max from FD

    Hey guys. Villain leads for 2/3 Pot on a wet board. This isn't a good board for a C-bet with a weak made hand or bluff out of position IMO so I'm thinking he could be on a draw most of the time. His possible UTG calling range OTF could also contain some overpairs/overcards so I'm also concerned about combo hands. [99+, A7s+, ATo+, JTo, T9s+, KTs+] I raise to see where I'm at and for value from draws, villain just calls. So I'm narrowing his range to draws/showdown hands discounting monsters and air. OTT a straight completes but villain only x/calls my half pot bet and x OTR. Ignoring the result ... I'm wondering if I could have value bet bigger OTT, around 1.50 or would a bet like that only allow better hands to continue or give the villain a reason to shove w/ open draws/combo draws?
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    I think the pre-flop call is a mistake. K8s plays badly against UTG's range. What kind of flop are you hoping to hit with this hand? On a Kxx, you're smoked by AK and KQ, and on 8xx, you'll get taken to Valuetown by 99+. I'd only call pre with this hand if the pot was multiway and there was at least one obvious fish in the pot.

    As played, I don't like "raising for information" on the flop. (See Dave's blog). The c-bet could be an airball with overcards, but overpairs are definitely in villain's range. If villain just has a flush draw or total air, then just flatting and letting him barrel with it gives your hand value. Raising risks you getting value-owned, because very few worse hands than yours are continuing.
    As played, villain calls your raise, and you get a good turn card, as villain has very few straight draws in his range. 99 picks up an OESD, but that hand is already beating you anyway. Your bet can get value from flush draws, so it's about the right size for that. Anything larger is usually only getting called by overpairs. The river is a check behind, I think, because the flush draw got there, and with the way the action played out, villain is probably planning a check-raise, as he'll be expecting you to bet again.
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      Thanks Arty.

      I guess I really shouldn't have bloated such a dangerous board vs a strong range w/ only a pair of 8s . Villain's range had plenty of outs to a better hand, not a good time to be growing the pot. My read was correct and I probably would have put him on a drawing hand by the turn, I value owned myself on this one.



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