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5NL 6-max A6s MW

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  • 5NL 6-max A6s MW

    Hi, the SB is playing 37/26/25 - AF 6 over just 19 hands. and the BB is playing 24/16/17 on only 27 hands. I decided to call teh flop because he showned strength and I had the nut FD, I thought that raising would just make him call his better hands and fold the others. I called the turn as well because I was getting almost 5:1 odds to teh FD and if I'd hit I'd certainly be paid by his aggression. Should I've folded on the turn ? Thanks umbup:

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    5 to 1 is not the correct odds for us to chase, if the ace is also good that adds a little although if we hit the ace it might not be good and we actually might lose more money, so with the incorrect odds i think i would have folded the turn .
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      Hi fp,

      Remember in school when the teacher would say "show your work". Redo the math, I don't come up with 5-1.

      The implied odds are good enough if we stack him when we get there... the problem is I don't think we can count on that too often... the villain will be worried about the flush draw coming in, so the cases where we do stack him are:

      -He's on a smaller flush draw... not likely given his bet sizing imo.
      -He's got a very strong non-flush hand... like JT or a set.

      And even with these hands stack action is hard because a diamond river he may decided to check/call instead of bet/call off.

      I think on balance we have a fold here as played.
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        For the odds calculations I used 4,53/0,78 which gave me almost 6:1 implied odds. And the odds for the flush there would be 4:1. I don't think that a 5NL player would fold sets or TdJd to a river raise there after showing this strength, I've seen a lot of players stack with the second or thired nut flush. My odds calculations are wrong ? Thanks umbup:


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          I was meaning the 78c to win the pot and the rest of his stack as well , think it was closer to 7 to 1.
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            Originally posted by fp_boss77 View Post
            For the odds calculations I used 4,53/0,78 which gave me almost 6:1 implied odds. And the odds for the flush there would be 4:1.
            $4.53 is the absolute maximum you can get out of villain, but I think it's unlikely he'll give you his whole stack. On bad river cards, he might check-call, or bet-fold.
            A more likely amount for how much villain will put in on the river would be double his turn bet, so you might get $1.60 out of him there. That brings the implied odds closer to 4:1 or 5:1, so it's close, but I'd err on the side of caution and fold the turn. It's also possible that you hit a flush, but the board pairs and villain makes a boat/quads. :/
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