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5nl 6 Max Zoom - Aces Value

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  • 5nl 6 Max Zoom - Aces Value

    Is it profitable in the long run to be playing aces so strongly? Ads

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    I think so, yeah, at 5NL there is more than enough 'fat' value to be had with big hands where someone has hit a small bit of the flop and are willing to go to the river with it.

    I would have 3bet a little bit bigger. $1.15 or something around that.

    Flop bet was good and sets up getting it in on the turn as you are are putting $3.80 into a $5.07 pot. If you bet anything else you arent getting away from it anyway.

    I wouldnt have played it any different.

    Villain never gave you any reason to doubt your hand with a re-raise.


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      reply to hand

      It really depends on the flop and on the villian, if the flop is dry and the villian a fish be as aggresive as possible. The flop here was very wet flush draws straight draws, so maybe a little more cautious, but he never really told us we were beat so i think you played it correctly. But most of my decisions are based on my opponent, and what reads and how they play often indicates the best way to play a certain hand.
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        Nice hand! If you don't have any reads on villain in a 4-bet pot with a hand as strong as this at all I'd just go for a big enough bet on this wet flop to be able to jam most turns. Since he flatted your 4-bet he might of course have QQ/JJ some of the time but also AQ and then some KK too as well as hands with the OTT that still call a shove. There's too much money in there already to consider abandoning this pot.
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