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25NL - TPTK optimal line 3way

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  • 25NL - TPTK optimal line 3way

    Hey guys, not sure what the best line here would be considering we are 3way and the flop has draw potential. Both villains are unknown I decide to flat preflop against an unknown, 3betting is okay too I think but I preffered to call because the raise is from UTG and I can conceal the strength of my hand and dominated all the Aces he opens with preflop. When the opponent fires a 2nd barrel OTT, do you think it would be better to raise instead of call and risk giving the BB odds to draw? As played, I expect a fold to be the correct play since now we can only beat AQ and split with AK and the BB is left to act (even though he should have lead the river with KQ since he is first to act on the last street)

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    If you folded the river this is literally the only way you can play this hand. Easy game umbup:


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      No really. Villain has a wide enough range to fire the turn that we can call with position and they have no bluff frequency on the river given the second overcall. And their value range crushes our hand. So we have an easy river fold. A flop raise would be a +EV way of losing money from their entire betting range, a turn raise is a bluff, and a preflop three-bet, as you mention, is not ideal.


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