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25NL - 3bet pot OOP river decision

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  • 25NL - 3bet pot OOP river decision

    Villain 31/25/7 (37 Hands) I decide to raise it up here with AKo from BB; I would usually flat against tighter opponents but I felt that against this particular player who seems to be opening slightly wider than usual even from UTG, there is some value in 3betting and seizing initiative. Flop is a standard cbet imo, now that we hit the turn I decided to c/c and possibly c/f river if he fires again since there are now 3 hearts on board. I also check to get value OTR from QQ/JJ and pot control. Do you think betting turn is a better play? OTR, I went for a value bet against QQ/JJ and now I get raised. Are we ever good hear?

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    Hey Geo

    I think turn is a clear bet. For one we want to protect our one high heart semi-bluffs like AhQ or AhJ. Second, we can get value from a ton of hands all of which won't pay as willingly on the river. Third its impossible for villain to bluff raise our turn bet with a worse hand. Or nearly. Finally a ton of action killing rivers can come and rob our value.

    So I think turn is just a big mistake taking a passive line here without much good reason. River is an easy bet/fold. We aren't even good here. If villain wanted to bluff, why didn't they bluff the turn when you checked a scary card?


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      Okay, I figured that QQ/JJ would my 3bet so my reason for checking turn was to get value from those hands on the river. I did not figure that AQ/AJ would call our 3bet (I wouldn't but we can't assume people play like we do); you're right I think checking the turn is a mistake since our hand is vulnerable.

      b/f turn
      If we bet and he calls, what are we doing on non heart rivers? b/f again? What if a J or Q comes?


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        Half of QQ/JJ combinations have a heart in them. So would any of those fold the turn?


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          Good point



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