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25NL - min c/r in 3bet pot with AA

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  • 25NL - min c/r in 3bet pot with AA

    Hey guys, How would you have played this hand? Villain 23/15/2 (14 Hands) What do you range our opponent on when he min c/r the flop? I think he could have 66, QQ, AQ, a slow played KK, Pair + FD (KQhh, QJhh), other FDs(which I'm not too overly concerned about since I hold the Ace of heart) could he be turning his hand into a bluff with something like JJ/TT? Would you re-raise all in OTF or flat and see how he acts OTT? When he bet turn, are we ever folding here?

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    I'd shove over the flop c/r. If he flats OOP vs a 3b with suited connectors he'd calling off OTF, but if we just flat he could c/f if a brick peels off.

    Also, once we call the c/r we are pretty pot committed unless an awful turn comes.


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      get the money in.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hey geo

        Very rarely is our opponent turning a hand like TT/JJ into a bluff. I think that would make the least likely hand type for him to show up with here out of the hands he flat calls preflop. Also there is no guarantee that over 14 hands he doesn't four bet QQ here. Because we are on the button v the CO here I like getting the money in. I very much like just calling the flop check-raise in position because we have the Ah and therefore on this texture don't worry about any turn card and can maximally benefit from keeping villain's range the widest.

        There are certain a set of sixes in villains range along with a set of threes. But we crush any other hand, and hands like QK, AQ, KK get played like this all the time. There are going to be some bluffs like AJ and some flush draws in villain's range as well. We should take a note at showdown no matter what hand they turn up with because their betting pattern is unusual and arguably suboptimal (making it so small oop with their flop c-r) though it gives them the best price to bluff.

        Long story short, we can fold a hand like KQ here heroically, but not the AA, because its too muscle-bound strong.



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