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25NL - correct to go all in here?

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  • 25NL - correct to go all in here?

    Hi PSO-ers, Here's a hand that I marked for review from my yesterday's session. Kind of a loose open from my part given the players behind me, but hey we flopped a flush! I bet, get called and raised. Hmmm... Given the fact that we flop a flush 0.84% of the time, I figure that the raiser could be doing this with Adx hands, sets, straight, and ofcourse some other made flushes (very unlikely since you flop a flush 0.84% of the time right?) I decide to go all in because if I call and another diamond comes it might kill the action for us or improve our opponent with a higher naked diamond. Do you see any reason to flat and see what the BTN does before we put the rest of our chips in? BTN is 20/12/2 (42 Hands) BB is unknown; this is the first hand I have on him

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    you flop the fourth nut flush with a straight flush gut shot re draw. why are you ever thinking of folding this flop?

    rip it in over the top and be done with it, if they have the naked higher diamond,and another diamond comes then oh well, you got your money in way ahead.

    if they have an over pair they're never folding either, eights are open ended here and even with the 8 of diamonds they're still only 7% after the flop.

    I realise monster over pairs aren't really likely here, but you never know, people love to slow play in stupid spots.

    You're 66%/33% against any set they've binked, 82%/17% against a random 67 two pair, JJ plus with a diamond you're 72%/27%

    Basically i agree with the all in, i don't really ever see another play here.
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      reply to hand

      I think it is a really bad move, say we are up against 2 pair or a set from one of them then say the other has the Ace flush draw, against both of these we are less than 50% around 47% i think and since we could be drawn dead against a higher flush i really do not like it. There was no need to shove such a large amount into the pot you said you did not check incase another flush card came i would want to see if it came as i could get away from the hand .
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        Hey geo,

        I like jamming flop as you will get a pretty much guaranteed call by the check/raiser and his range should not have you crushed in any way - of course sometimes he will have some higher flush combos, but there are also sets/two pair/(combo)draws in his range.

        You do knock out the overcaller but I think this is somehow necessary evil as there will be so many turns that might either kil action or get you into a troublesome decision if you can still get the rest in with a pot bloating up that big.
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          Cool. Just had to double check. Turned out I was against a Q high flush and a K high flush. How sick is that?!


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            Originally posted by geoVARTA View Post
            Cool. Just had to double check. Turned out I was against a Q high flush and a K high flush. How sick is that?!
            This just happens, no need to worry about it. We play against the entire range of hands not just the one

            By the way this is a standard open for me and I do not see how it can possibly be considered loose The guy OTB seems to not call too many opens so there is absolutely nothing wrong against playing this hand IP vs the blinds. However, I have to say this again, if you are uncomfortable stacking off when you hit one of the absolute best flops for your hand you should probably fold it preflop and wait for something that is easier to play. Afterall, flopping the nut straight or quads does not happen that often



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