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5NL 6-max AKo 3B

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  • 5NL 6-max AKo 3B

    Hi, the villain is unkown. Should I've folded teh flop raise ? I know that calling the flop raise and teh turn bet to fold the river is stupid but anyways... I guess I was tilted lol Any thoughts on the hand overall ? Thanks umbup:

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    reply to hand

    I think you folded the best hand here. When he reraises the flop i would not have minded another raise we are beating so much of his range. But if you were going to fold the river when the board runs out dry then maybe you should fold. Although the board runs out with 4 to a straight what can he have he is under the gun and his reraise rules out alot of small pairs which would have made the straight 7s or 4s. The only hand were someone very loose could have possibly played like a fish is 78 but that is very rare. I think your action of calling his reraise then just flatting his turn bet might have made him feel you were not as strong as you were. But i have watched it a couple of times and i still think you ht have had the best of it, i dont like the fold on the river you should have folded already as i think the board runs out dry with the story he was telling us.
    Triple Bracelet Winner


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      Hi fp_boss77

      Being readless isn't great here. We ought to know something about the villain if he has been at the table for an orbit at least. Has he played every hand, none at all or something in between?

      I think it less likely that he is calling your pf 3-bet with low sc like 78. Raising the flop and betting the turn seems to rule out pocket 4s. And his turn and river bets seem too small to be a set of 6s, 8s, or Ks or AA. His line does seem consistant with a medium strong pocket pair such as 1010, JJ or QQ, or even KQs, KJs all of which you are beating.

      More importantly, there is 5.72 in the pot and it is only costing you 1.25 to call. You only need to win this hand 1 out of 5 times (22%) in order to be profitable. This seems to make for an easy call on the river imo.

      I don't mind the flop call. Raising might get us value owned folding out the 1010 JJ QQ hands and only keeping the sets beating us. I would rather call and reevaluate on the turn. His turn bet in particular seems small to be a value bet. You 3-bet pf and called a raise on the flop. It is clear you have a decent hand. If he were betting for value with a set, I would have expected a larger turn bet allowing him to move all in on the river. His small bet looks more like a blocking bet with second best pair.

      As glenn stated, I think you probably folded the best hand here unfortunately.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        Hi, glenn mentioned that I was beating his range. But I'm thinking here, what hands would he check raise a dry flop like these that I can beat ? Would he ever do this with hands like KQ or even QQ,JJ ? I doesn't make sense to me. Any thoughts ? umbup:


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          Hi again

          As I said above, I see this line and bet sizing often enough with decent pairs like 1010 JJ and QQ which seem so strong pre. Weak players often just can't let them go. This would explain calling the 3bet preflop. Then when no A comes on the flop they take a new stab at the pot thinking you are c-betting with air, but don't dare do more than min-raise. Then they take an even weaker shot on the turn with the small bet. Sure they will have you crushed sometimes, but again look at the odds you are getting on the river. You only need to win this 1 in 5 trys. That is my view at least

          Roland GTX
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