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5NL 6-Max: SB vs BTN - Folding AK??

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  • 5NL 6-Max: SB vs BTN - Folding AK??

    Hey guys. Villain was a NIT playing about 10+ tables. I was on 4 tables at the time deep in a session which might be why my 3-bet size is so weird. I will admit my pre flop play is pretty weak but should I really be folding AK in a blind vs button situation? Villain was really quick to try and get the stacks in. On one hand villain is a NIT, he probably wont be doing that many times outside the stronger parts of his range. Shoving AK pre flop 80bb deep after a 4-bet in this case feels like spew. On the other hand I have AK in the small blind and he is 4-bet shoving from the BTN... I really don't know what's right here.
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    Hi Low Rated,

    A couple things that are relevant for me in spots like this:

    - How NIT is nit? There's a fairly big difference between someone in 6-max playing 14/12 vs playing 9/6, although I'd call both nitty for 6m.

    - What is his button steal %. This is critical, some 14/12 nits open the button close to 12% (no steal range) while some might open 28% (A range 70% of which is wider than his over all opens).

    If he has a decent steal %, then I like to 3b AK as I'd be 3-betting weaker hands too (blockers) so it gives me some balance, and when the nit calls he'll be heavy in big broadways (which I dominate) and small/medium pairs (which fold to c-bets when they miss).

    If he's not stealing much, then I would flat AK more often than not... in this case he's already got a fairly strong range, and will fold hands we crush to a 3b, so the value in 3-betting is marginal at best. Where as if we flat we keep his AQ and KQ hands in allowing us to get good post flop value when we make the same top pair as he never puts us on AK now. And we keep the stack to pot ratio high which allows us to apply pressure on board textures that are not good for his opening range and win the pot post flop without improving some of the time.

    As played, this is a super easy fold imo. A nit's 4-b jam range here is probably at the widest JJ+ and AK, and our hand plays poorly all in pre vs. that range.
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      Thanks Dave.

      The villain was not one who made many steals so I guess I did make the right fold. I really need to get a tracker, some stats would really help make these kinds of decisions easier.



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