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25NL 6-max Zoom: Value bet the river with AA oop on scary board vs fish?

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  • 25NL 6-max Zoom: Value bet the river with AA oop on scary board vs fish?

    Hey, only have ten hands on the villain, but he is likely to be fishy since he has a vpip of 50 and a pfr of 10 over them and I think he was one tabling. I think up to the river the hand is pretty standard. On the river I wasnt to sure what to do since I think he has a lot of JQ and JK in his range and than he has some missed draws like 78 or a FD in his range. So we only get called by better if we bet. The only worse hand I saw him call with is a Kx and maybe a Qx of diamonds depending how fishy he is. On the other hand I thought even a fish might shove here with missed draws and also bet his two pair for value so I wasnt to sure what to do.
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    ok I am a fish . but I don't see a problem . the pot is bigger than his stack u call. if u wanted to play a small pot stop putting money in on the flop or turn.


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      bet bet shove. no discussion

      missng a value bet OTR against someone who is playing 50 VPIP and did not show any strength in the hand whatsoever is a cardinal sin. Yes, he will sometimes have 2 pair or better but most of the time he will not but will call anyway. There are just so many hands a fish won't fold in this spot... Just shove it in, if he got you this time nh but in the long run you will be winning tons of money


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        I'd bet flop and turn a little bigger multiway on this drawheavy texture.

        River is quite interesting as I think a lot of options become attractive here. Shoving feels too thin to me unless villain is really stationy and calls with AJ/JT or some flushdraws that turned/rivered a pair. I think that betting small (and maybe even being prepared to call a shove as fds and 87 missed) could be a good play.
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